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Is 1024X600 good enough for ereading?

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  1. beachbum61

    beachbum61 Member

    I am going to buy my first tablet and found one that has all the bells and whistles that I want (Visual Land Prestige 10") within my budget (under $250) I will be using it about 1/3 to 1/2 the time as an ereader, the rest of the time web surfing, email, etc.

    My concern is that the resolution is 1024X600, and I read a comment somewhere that this is way to low for a 10" tablet to use as an ereader. I will be using it on planes and by the pool to read. I may also use it to connect to my TV and watch netflix as it has an HDMI output.

    Any thoughts on whether that resolution is just too low for comfortable ereading on planes and outside? I need to get one within the next couple of weeks, so I can't wait too long.


  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Moved thread to General Tablet Talk from PCs, as this thread is about tablet screen resolution.

    Think there's been a couple of posts here, that you can't actually do that, stream the mobile Netflix app to a TV. Possibly DRM, i.e. you must watch mobile Netflix on the mobile device.

    I think 1024X600 is pretty low and course for a 10 inch tablet these days, it's like cheap netbook resolution. You'll be able to read on it, but you'll certainly see the pixels as well. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 inch is 1280X800, which seems to be the norm now for many of the better 10 inch devices. The Visual Land Prestige is a budget off-brand Chinese device.
  3. beachbum61

    beachbum61 Member

    Thanks for the info. I decided not to buy the Visual Land - screen resolution is too important to me.

    I found a refurbished Samsung galaxy 10.1 that is within my budget so I will probably go with that. It only has 16gb, but I will be using it 50% as an ereader, 25% web surfing and email, and the rest maybe downloading music, so I am hoping that would be enough (any comments on that would be appreciated).

    I will have look into the netflix issue.


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