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  1. darrenmthornton

    darrenmthornton Active Member

    Does anyone have any thoughts on whether the 512mb of RAM included with the g2x is going to be enough to future-proof the phone going forward? I think the specs are pretty awesome on this thing otherwise, but 512mb of RAM concerns me, as the other new phones (evo 3d, galaxy s2, pyramid) all have similar specs but more RAM (either 1gb or 768mb). I don't want a device that is going to lag if I have a few things open, and I don't want a device that can't handle any one big process (like a game or anything really)...

  2. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    This is another reason why I am going to steer clear
  3. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Well-Known Member

    512mb is plenty. only a handful of devices are launching thus far with more. if you're not happy, just sell it and buy something else. or return it if you're still within the 30 day window. i'll be picking this thing up in May!
  4. phaet2112

    phaet2112 Member

    Other phones have more RAM because they have other processes which require the extra RAM to run. Vanilla Google does not use nearly as much RAM as Touchwiz, Sense (with all its 3d effects and such), or Motorola's custom Webtop software it needs in the Atrix for the laptop dock.
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  5. Boomer Dog16

    Boomer Dog16 Active Member

    atrix needs the extra to do the piss poor attempt of running the extra media dock crap it tries to run in a very laggy fashion because it is also throttled to 2g data speeds, an as the other poster replied many phones have alot of overhead that they can use the ram for but even many of them could run in 512 mb of ram if they could be as UI effecient as the g2x is an its only getting better with all the terrific devs working on it at XDA developers. The g2x has gone from stock of quadrant score of 2500 to the last a saw was a score of over 4400! In a month or so g2x will get gingerbread an sooner than that it will be running cyano mod 7. Oh ya the Atrix bootloader "lol" yep is still locked. Nothing currently else out there comes close to the g2x

    BB2DROID Well-Known Member

    Got to play with this phone yesterday in store. It is fast! Makes me want to switch from Verizon.
  7. pantlesspenguin

    pantlesspenguin Well-Known Member

    I was afraid of this, too, especially since my MyTouch 4G has 768mb ram. But...if it's fast & can handle multiple processes well, that's really all I can ask for.
  8. nardva

    nardva Well-Known Member

    The only phones that launch with more ram appears to be phones that have the skin overlay on top of android. (Toucwiz, Sense, Motoblur etc..) It appears the skin overlay requires extra processes to be ran which normal ram of 512mb can't support without your phone lagging. With stock android on your phone you should be safe with 512mb of ram. Back in the day desktop computers came with 256mb and 512mb of ram...LOL
  9. RueTheDay

    RueTheDay New Member

    The Android OS itself, plus all the system services, the phone services, and the standard Google apps, all together take just under 100MB of RAM. Somewhat surprisingly, this number has not increased much from Android 1.0 through to 2.3. The typical Android app is around 1-5 MB of executable code, with many apps well under 1MB. It's rare to have more than a dozen apps running at any one time. Do the math and tell me why you think 512MB RAM is a limitation AT ALL.
  10. nodrogkam

    nodrogkam Well-Known Member

    future apps - complex games - might take up more ram, but i'd say you're safe for 2 years. and with newer operating systems being released, the management of ram and open apps should improve - as they have been since android 1.5. coming from the mytouch4g with 768mb ram, this phone is just fine without the extra ram. it's good for the mytouch because of the single core, so more things stored in ram means better performance but this g2x is just fine as is. =)

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