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Is 8GB enoughGeneral

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  1. doc1964

    doc1964 Well-Known Member

    Hi folks, i am looking to buy a new samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0.
    I have two options, Carphone warehouse and PC world are doing the 8GB version for

  2. ColtsWalker

    ColtsWalker Well-Known Member

    I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with 8GB Memory after spending months watching prices and doing a careful price to feature analysis. Based on the data I have collected, this model is a very good deal on the current price curve, showing a recent dramatic price drop to feature improvement by Samsung. Their primary goal, they have the Kindle Fire in their cross-hair and the release of this new galaxy tab 2 was far more than a shot across the bow. I paid $250 US which appears to exchange to only
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  3. 1969bob

    1969bob Member

    I have a galaxly tab 2 7 0 it's great!!

    I agaree with coltswalker post

  4. doc1964

    doc1964 Well-Known Member

    Well i finally decided to go for the 16GB one only to find it was no longer in stock. Tried elsewhere and there seems to be a real shortage of this tablet so being my usual impatient self i bought the 8GB one and am absolutely dlighted with it so far.
  5. MadBrown

    MadBrown Well-Known Member

    You do know you can expand later with a microSD card up to 32GB, right?
  6. doc1964

    doc1964 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, got one as soon as i bought it. Great piece of kit.
  7. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Quick question, does this tablet support putting apps to sd or is the sd card only for media? I heard this tab doesn't allow that.
  8. doc1964

    doc1964 Well-Known Member

    I have used it for media only so far as i have read to many posts saying that either you cant move things to sd card or else they dont work when transferred. No problems so far and still plenty of space. I am hoping a future update may fix this
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  9. KyleDP

    KyleDP Member

    There are problems (apparently OS-based) with moving apps to SD card - but 8gig is PLENTY to put your apps on the Tab ... then use an SD card to store your data. I've got a gazillion media and book files on my SD card with plenty of room to burn. No problem with an 8g internal memory Tab whatsoever! :D
  10. ColtsWalker

    ColtsWalker Well-Known Member

    I have recently read that Android OS developer intention, at Google, is to discourage external memory. ICS is built on the new philosophy of Android that a device should have only internal, non-removable storage. Although ICS allows external SD, the mount structure is different. This attitude has been reflected in some development communities to aid app developers. However, there will be a great deal of resistance among end users, so I speculate that the motive will eventually be diminished by continued end user demand for removable SD Card support.

    Google is the new Micro$oft.
  11. newandroidfan

    newandroidfan New Member

    So guys how much memory is dedicated for apps? I mean in some phones they have 8GB internal but 1GB exclusive for apps like that....so my question again is what is the internal memory exclusively for apps? Can use the entire 8Gb memory for apps or does it have 1-2gigs exclusively for apps??

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