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Is anybody else randomly losing their 3g dataGeneral

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  1. smartphone45

    smartphone45 Well-Known Member

    Looks like I lose my 3g data at least once a day..it says 3g on the display but no data transfer....the only way i see to get 3g to work again is to turn off and on the phone....then its ok for another day or so....oh by the way even though i have no 3g i still can make and recieve calls...which makes me think that this could be a network issue.....does anybody else have this problem?

  2. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Well-Known Member

    What does your service look like when you lose 3g? Are you in a building? Rural area?

    I lose 3g all the time. Its common when you switch cell towers or are in a poor reception area. Trees mountains and buildings can interrupt your service.

    3g doesn't dictate your phone calls or texts as its not a data transfer.
  3. smartphone45

    smartphone45 Well-Known Member

    I live in and lose my 3g connection in my apt in a building and wondering if its a network issue...I updated my prl and profile so lets see what happens...most of the time the 3g works fine...oh and I live in brooklyn ny so there is always a good signal with boost mobile..but what it appears to be is that my 3g gets knocked offline somehow...like I said normally my 3g works fine until it stops....
    for the past 2 days once a day I lose my 3g and I have to shut off and turn on my phone to regain a 3g signal.....
  4. cnymoeman

    cnymoeman Well-Known Member

    I was having a huge problem with losing 3g and being stuck with 1x. My coverage is good in my area so I was getting pissed. I read a thread on here a while back and someone was using an app called 3g data only, I downloaded it and hardly loses 3g. Check it out it has worked wonders for me 3g data only in the playstore and it's free.
  5. TravisMay11

    TravisMay11 Member

    My phone has been saying 1x for days now. It's annoying and slow. I live in St. Petersburg, FL and it's supposed to be 3g coverage here.

    I installed the 3G Data Only app that cnymoeman mentioned, but I don't think anything has changed yet.
  6. xman95

    xman95 Well-Known Member

    Yes! I'm in NYC area and at home, I've been losing 3G service all week. It goes and stay at 1X frequently, but at home I have Wifi, so it isn't the worse thing. I'm thinking after the storm we have issues, or Sprint has been making changes that's affecting everyone nationwide.

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