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Is anyone else STILL waiting for their Evo from Sprint???

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  1. I put my name on a waiting list for an Evo 4g on June 29th at my local Sprint store, and here we are almost 3 weeks later with no end to my wait in sight...

    They told me it would take 1-2 weeks at the store and that they'd call me when another shipment came in. Two weeks go by... nothing. I finally called this past Friday (July 16) and asked about how much longer it would take, and they replied, "probably another a few weeks." I asked how long until they expect a new shipment in, and they replied that they have no indication when more will be in...

    I've searched Google, these forums, and others to see what its like for other people trying to get an Evo and I can find NOTHING on either other people experiencing the same outrageous waiting experience (other than generic articles talking about the Sprint website being 'out of stock'), or any articles talking about when the Sprint stores will get a new wave of Evo phones...

    Am I the only one on the planet being tortured....????:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

  2. Premonition

    Premonition Well-Known Member

    I posted a link to walmarts section for the evo today and it showed no signs of being sold out, said ready to ship and everything so if i were you i would head over there, im not sure if its still in stock now but its better then nothing.
  3. hollawood24

    hollawood24 Well-Known Member

    Where do you live???
  4. I live in Fayetteville Arkansas (not a small area, population ~500,000). I checked the walmart site and the status for my area says "backordered". I called and talked to their mobile department, and they said they same thing the Sprint store said: "We have more ordered, but do not know when another shipment will come in."
  5. Premonition

    Premonition Well-Known Member

    the only way to ask when new ones are coming in is to get an idea of when the store itself usually gets shipments from anyone such as UPS or Fedex thats your best luck.
  6. I dug in a little more to the Walmart option, apparently the first person I talked to when I called was confused... the Evo's aren't sold in any Walmart stores at all, nor do they sell any other Sprint phones. All Sprint phones you see on the website can only be purchased online through the website.

    To be honest, I'm not even sure buying the phone anywhere other than through my local Sprint store will work for me because I'm canceling my AT&T contract and switching to Sprint, need to keep my same phone number, etc. which I'm not sure I'd be able to do all at once other than directly though Sprint.

    I just cannot believe the wait has turned into what it has. From what it sounds like, I literally may end up waiting a MONTH OR LONGER to be able to get an Evo. I definitely thought Sprint would be bending over backwards to steal me away from AT&T (i have an iphone and told them I'd be switching from AT&T), but apparently they don't care nearly as much I had hoped, as they appear to be in no hurry to get me switched over to their network...
  7. Caperi

    Caperi Member

    Weird, I was just at my local Sprint store to check out the phone and get on the waiting list. They said that they had recently run out of stock, and that I was first on their waiting list now. They also said they would probably have more in this week - as early as tomorrow. I'm near Philadelphia.
  8. Premonition

    Premonition Well-Known Member

    if you were to order online via walmart, you would most likely have to activate it when it comes in and thats when you can take care of the number transferring of your ATT number and your setup.
  9. slrml617

    slrml617 New Member

    I am, I'm still waiting for my replacement phone. And I have a great story too. Got my 1st EVO on launch day and had the light leakage problem. So I went to exchange my phone. I told the local Sprint store (The worst Sprint store in USA btw) where I bought it in the first place to put my name on the list.

    A week went by I call them up and they say I'm at the top 20. So I waited another week and called again on 7/1. To my disbelieve the sales told me they already called me and I didn't pick up so my name was taken off the list. Which was a total lie because my phone was working fine and I didn't even get a voice mail from them. And was told that they can only put my name back to the top 30. I was outraged. I was so pissed and filed a complaint through corporate and corporate didn't do any follow up as they promised.

    Since my 30 days was coming up, I had no choice but to return it on 7/2 and I also checked their waiting list again on that day. I was on the top 10 and they say it's going to be another week. So I waited another week and then called back to check where I was on the list.

    I'm pretty sure I was deliberately put on hold for more than 20 minutes without an answer and had to hang up the three times I called. Three different person would first answer my call and tell me they can't check where I am on the list (which they can, but they are too lazy to get the manager's permission to check). After me informing they checked it for me before, they all said ok have me a sec and put me on hold without answering again for more than 20 minutes. I don't understand what kind of business they are running there.

    After that insulting incident, I decided to never go to that store again. So I called up some other stores around and got on their waiting lists. and it's been over half a month and still no phone. I'll start calling again tomorrow to see what I can do. Who would know that getting a good phone would be this hard.

    Long story short, I still have no EVO because of that evil Sprint store.
    Sorry for the long post...:mad:
  10. ThisIsAnfield1

    ThisIsAnfield1 New Member

    Whats a morning thunder? :confused:

  11. The problem is with the wait I've had with Sprint so far, I seriously doubt after spending 3 weeks on their direct waiting list that I would somehow get one faster through Walmart by ordering today and starting over on a new waiting list with them. Plus the Walmart option requires me to fully order the Evo (put in my credit card info, shipping info, the whole 9), so if the phone did finally come in through Sprint before it does through Walmart, I've already paid Walmart and have to wait it out now until they finally get them in on walmart.com .....

    What an absolute nightmare... I'm just so impressed with Android and the Evo itself and can't wait to get off my iPhone/Apple OS, but if this experience and...

    are any indications of what I can expect while being with Sprint... maybe this whole switching networks idea isn't so smart...
  12. BlondeeLox

    BlondeeLox Active Member

    Its crazy how people are having such a hard time finding the Evo. I decided Thursday of last week I wanted to get the Evo and get off ATT and the iPhone. My husband and I called all the Sprint stores and Best Buys in the area and the closet one was a BB 40-50 miles north. So we asked if they could hold it and we would purchase out the next night. The guy said no problem. Went the next night and bought the phone.

    I think you may have to make a couple calls to a couple different retailers but I'm sure you can find it.
  13. IFMISM

    IFMISM Well-Known Member

    walked into a sprint store here in charlotte because my phone would not turn on, and they swapped it out right then. walked out with a new evo
  14. Reading these quotes just make me want to vomit... Apparently I just have the worst luck in the world....
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  15. RestivoBC

    RestivoBC Well-Known Member

    I would just order one online, where ever you can get it ... then you can always go into a sprint store once you have it and port your number. then cancel your att account. shouldn't be too hard.
  16. jgalan14

    jgalan14 Well-Known Member

    Yeah if you waiting for the long sounds weird and just order it online and go to the alto.t store to change your phone number i order mine on June 4th and got it by the 14th on amazon didn't take more then 5-8 minutes to activate it
  17. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Well-Known Member

    Nope. In fact, I'm still mad because almost 3 weeks ago I checked the Sprint website and saw that they were back in stock, but I decided not to order because I was going out of town during the delivery period and did not want the phone sitting on the front porch for a day or two.

    Within one or two days of them being in stock, they were sold out again and now 3 weeks later they still have not come back in stock. I'm so mad that I had to leave town because I probably would have one right now otherwise. :(

    I actually haven't even checked with Sprint Stores or Best Buy, but this week I might start looking at other options. Waiting for the website is excruciating.

    But I'm curious, if I buy in the store, can I choose not to have them open the box or activate the phone or in any way handle the phone? I'd rather do it all myself but I'm not sure what they need to do at the point of purchase. (Plus the last phone we got for my mom, they "activated" it in store only for us to realize later it still wasn't activated yet, so I had to call in and do it myself anyway.)
  18. clamchowderz

    clamchowderz Member

    I called them Wednesday evening around 8pm. Phone was ordered and shipped to store in SF, and I picked it up yesterday:) This phone ROCKS!
  19. bigdogdan2

    bigdogdan2 Active Member

    I went to the sprint store to transfer another person to my family plan and asked how many people were in their wait line to get an evo. They said 80!! omg, for a single store.

    GREYHOUND Active Member

    i have been waiting since a week BEFORE launch! my store only had a couple evos on launch day and i had to work that day and couldnt get one. my rep said she has no idea when she can get me one. i live in youngstown, ohio.
  21. Hmmm, I called CS about 2 weeks ago to get a replacement, as the store was on a waiting list. They sent me one, I received it in about 3 days. unfortunately, that phone was worse than the one I have now, so I called back, and ordered another one. They sent that one out, and I got it last Friday. These were both brand new retail units. So apparantly CS has a lot to go around.
  22. RickInHouston

    RickInHouston Well-Known Member

    I called the Sprint Corporate store around the corner this past Saturday. They have virtually been out since launch. I said I was an AT&T iphone guy wanting to switch to Sprint for an Evo. I asked if they had one available. He studdered a bit and then said, "wait, let me check." He then came back on and said check back this week. He truly sounded like they had some but were promised to others but was almost willing to give one up since I'm switching carriers. I'm going to call back again today.

    I check Sprint.com about four times a day hoping to catch a window of opportunity.

    GREYHOUND Active Member

    any luck? called my rep again today. she said that there was nothing on the horizon till august. ugh. i feel like she is trying but even she seems uncertain and the date is pushed back again. i really wish that sprint/ htc would get it together. my blackberry pearl 8100 is literally falling apart. even lost the battery cover now. :(
  24. ArrowSmith

    ArrowSmith Well-Known Member

    You know this is why Apple are genius. One thing for sure is that if you order an iPhone directly through Apple.com or an Apple Store they treat you like a king. At all these other retail joints, you're just another shmoe.
  25. ArrowSmith

    ArrowSmith Well-Known Member

    Why not just upgrade to an iPhone 4? :confused:

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