Is anyone using "hide it pro" or "shady sms"?

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  1. alenene

    alenene Member

    Hi! I'm just looking for info about hide it pro or shady sms...I have a regular relationship with a lovely guy, but my family doesn't like him and sometimes i found them trying to read our sms.....:mad: so, is there anyone who can tell me how these app works? is there a notification icon when i receive a text? Thanks :)

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    How is your family managing to read your supposedly private SMSs? Are they looking at your phone? - if so, lock it.
  3. alenene

    alenene Member

    yes, sometimes i found them looking at my phone...i have locked it but i was looking for an app that completely hide my private SMSs and even my pictures...i found these two apps in the market and i'd like to have some opinions about them :)

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