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is cyanogenmod 7 possible on Micromax A75?

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  1. kulpreet

    kulpreet Well-Known Member

    Hi Friends,

    Is cyanogenmod 7 possible on Micromax A75? If not then please tell why it is not possible? is there any other way around?
    What is the base ROM of LEWA ROM?

  2. gta

    gta Well-Known Member

    maybe..... but only with single sim ....
  3. kulpreet

    kulpreet Well-Known Member

    If yes, then how can we, atleast with single sim, after that we can try it for dual sim.
  4. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    Get a linux os, setup git, sync CM7 sources (around 6-12 gb), setup environment, do other necessary changes n cook a rom...n ya 1st need to make a CM-boot.img, requires kernel source which is not available, so u can use stock precompiled kernel to make cm-boot.img...all the best.
  5. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member


    it seems like impossible

    I think u r the one who can do these things....
  6. kulpreet

    kulpreet Well-Known Member

    Thanks, that seems to be useful information. Another thing, I dont have stock rom, so where can I get it, or can I use any of the rom which is available under this forum???
  7. KumarGanesh

    KumarGanesh Member


    Stock rom is already available in this forum, please check properly

    UB-1 by ninadchaudhari--This is the best stock rom for A75.

    other wise after rooting of your mobile u can flash roms provided by other senior member but follow instruction as said!!!
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  8. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    UB-1 is not stock rom by the way..its a modded stock.
    Pure stock rom is also available in forum, submitted by kumarabhishek which has came directly from micromax if i m not wrong.
    I will try to find out that thread link.
  9. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

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  10. kulpreet

    kulpreet Well-Known Member

  11. Amarghy

    Amarghy Well-Known Member

    Well....will this project get forwarded?? :) 6-20gb sources for cm7!!! Will anyone be willing to create the first true cyanogenmod experience!! ;) :D

    Btw a question.....if we are trying for cm7, wont it be better to go for a cm9 instead?? ;) :p
  12. firoz

    firoz Well-Known Member

    I can not say anything about CM7.

    But ICS from micromax a100 should be possible for our developers.Bcoz both the phones are dual sim and as far as I know both have same architecture also.
    Now it is the time to get complete ICS instead of ICS LOOk only.

    I request to all the developers in this sub-forum to try to port the ICS rom from
    micromax a100 to micromax a 75.
  13. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

    a100 is arm7(mt6575)

    but many arm6 devices has already got ics but they are single sim

    I will be more than happy to use singlesim+ ics
  14. RD07

    RD07 Well-Known Member

    @aayushdutta has got a100 probably i think.!! he said that he will buy that one.!! ;)
    contact him as if he can help in the respective matter.!!

    but the most imp drawback of our phone is the ram.!!
    ics requires min. ram of 512 MB .!! (will this not hinder in the porting process ?? )
  15. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

    dude galaxy y and even old age galaxy 5 has got an ics with 256 mb ram
  16. RD07

    RD07 Well-Known Member

    does our device has 256 mb??
    current on my device...
    106mb used and 33 mb free!!!
    where is the rest of the ram gone if our device has 256 mb ram?? ;)
  17. firoz

    firoz Well-Known Member

    If ICS can be brought here with single sim only then it is better to get CM7

    Well ,has any one tried to port ICS with single sim to MMX A 75?
  18. firoz

    firoz Well-Known Member

    I want to ask you that many roms are proted to our phone eg. lewa ,legoics etc.

    From where these come?
    Does there phones have some architecture as our MMX A75?

    Also ,is it not possible to port roms from one to another having different processors?
  19. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    If u install some app like SystemTunerPro(paid app) or Quick System Info Pro(free app) the u will notice that total ram is 201mb only, on any rom.
    The ram showed in Running processes in settings does not include ram used by kernel...which costs 40-60mb ram depending upon rom...rest u see in settings..so only 106 used n 33 free for u but still total is same 201mb, install those app n see yourself.Hope this helped clear your mind.
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  20. Amarghy

    Amarghy Well-Known Member

    LegoICS and the other Roms by Sagarwep have been ported from Lenovo A60 phones who have the same architecture except a 8mp camera and 3.5screen size...i think. Others hardwares are the same. :D

    ICS has been made for galaxy y and the rest....but it hangs up a lot too. Plus, they are not totally bug-free. :p

    Porting ICS from mtk6575 devices like A100 is very difficult. Cuz we have had a lot of other mt6575 devices with ICS......even before A100. :(

    Ram deficiency is the main problem. But we can atleast try with the sources of cyanogenmod.

    Senior Devs....lets say No to any more Hololaunchers. :p
    Let the next BIG release be True Cyanogenmod! :)

    Btw, cant a cyanogenmod ROM be actually ported from those available like lenovo a60?? ;) I will post any links if i find them :D
  21. sagarwep

    sagarwep Well-Known Member

    If any one give the ics rom link, running on 6573 plateform then i will try to porting
  22. Amarghy

    Amarghy Well-Known Member

  23. bara3239

    bara3239 Active Member

  24. aayushdutta

    aayushdutta Well-Known Member Contributor

    Ahem Ahem! Am I still allowed to say something???

    Well, who cares! I'm still gonna say it... :p

    A100 is not based on MT6575!!! It's a Qualcomm MSM Series Processor ARMv7 revision 2.

    DO NOT GROW BRAINS AND TRY PORTING THAT TO A75. Your device's processors would fry up an egg.

    Regarding CM7 for Micromax A75, I've tried it and also told my review. Booted, Launcher FC and kabooom!! Brick!!

    Even after brick the processor kept getting hotter and hotter until I removed battery....

    So I guess, you should not try taking a chance. Choice is all yours....

    Regards Everyone
    Aayush Dutta
  25. Amarghy

    Amarghy Well-Known Member

    WTH....A75 bricks when cyanogenmod is ported?? Well aayush....so did JETROM! ;) A lot of us had our phones bricked by that Rom,including mine...but still we went forward and now its a classic Rom. :p

    So.....i dont think Cyanogenmod is to be feared just cuz it bricked 1 phone. Plus it was the very 1st try yaar....not every phone is faulty. :D

    I am sure we can make it work. :)

    P.S: if you have already tried it out....can you please upload the sync data and the other files that you got from porting the cyanogenmod? It will give us a better footing for this porting to start :)

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