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  1. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Well-Known Member

    I've read about how task killers aren't necessarily good because of the way they FC apps, so I'm wondering, is it safe to go into my Running Apps list and Force Stop certain apps? I'm thinking of apps like Amazon MP3, Maps, Peep, Facebook, Fandango, etc. General things like that, nothing system-important.


  2. CrazyTechnoBoy

    CrazyTechnoBoy Well-Known Member

    Force stopping is when the app you are using is not responding. Now Force closing, that's different. Well, different people have different results because of the apps they use, or the security level on the task killer is different. Just try it out and as soon as you see negative effects, stop using it.
  3. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

    There should be no problems with stopping apps through Running Services stop choice. It's there specifically to make sure all features of the app are turned off when simply backing out of the app may still leave some features running.

    I've done it since getting my Evo with nary a problem.
  4. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Well-Known Member

    Well, Force Stop is the only option I see. How do you Force Close instead?
  5. CrazyTechnoBoy

    CrazyTechnoBoy Well-Known Member

    To force close, open the task killer and press the "KILL Selected Apps". If That doesn't work, press the back button (depends on the app, though) as many times as it takes to go back to your home screen than KILL Selected Apps. If that still doesn't work, restart the phone. If that somehow still doesn't work, factory reset the phone. If that still doesn't work, exchancge phone for new one. Hope that helped. lol!
  6. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Well-Known Member

    Well, I don't use a task killer, so I guess my only option is to use the force stop in the Manage Application list
  7. MissG

    MissG New Member

    is it okay to force stop the google play music I did it many times coz its only active app? what should I need to can anyone help me ?

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