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Is Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich coming to the Thrive?General

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  1. LocDaBorg

    LocDaBorg Member

    I'd like to know if Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich is ever coming to the Thrive or is it just too underpowered? The LG Phoenix just got the update (through LG's site) for Gingerbread so I'm wondering when the Thrive will get it, PLUS I thought ICS would conform to the device, regardless of it's power output.

    Correct me if I'm wrong?

  2. LocDaBorg

    LocDaBorg Member

    help, anyone?
  3. skeltonh

    skeltonh Member

    The LG Thrive is being ignored by both LG and AT&T. When I last talked to LG about this they said AT&T has the code for the Thrive for 2.3. AT&T said they were doing a "slow rollout". After that, they recanted their comments on posts on the various forums, including Official LG Phone Forum and AT&T's own forum (which has turned into a gripe forum with no resolutions).

    LG seemed to get rather snooty about their post saying that it wasn't up to them to get the software out, it is up to AT&T. Since then, AT&T has released another Go Phone, which is Android based. I was told by the local AT&T guys to go buy the other phone "since they are so cheap". (Yeah $150 is cheap to someone who makes less than $250 a week...sure)

    IC 4.x will not hit the Thrive. Too little memory and other storage issues. Along with its fixed 600Mhz CPU and you get something that will crawl worse than an 3.6 Ghz netbook loaded with Windows 7 (or Ubuntu 11.x/12.x for that matter - Unity sucks....)

    There are some very nice phones you can get as upgrades for a great promotional deal. I just got two and working on getting a third. While I like the Thrive, and my family has several, they have simply become a nice toy for wifi now.

    Save your money. Find something on eBay or Craigslist.org. That or try one of the various ROMS floating about for the P506 (Thrive).
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  4. ndex477

    ndex477 Well-Known Member

    I agree, skeltonh. That's the precise reason why I bought the Thrive in the first place. I was migrating over from a Nokia(Symbian) phone and didn't want to spend a ton of $ on an OS i didn't understand yet. The Thrive was my starter phone(no disrespect to other fellow P506 users). Honestly, you gotta have a device with a 1Gig processor now in order for the carriers to even think about rolling out an OS upgrade and with dual and quad core here now, it's not cost efficient for the carriers to send OTAs for a prepaid phone running at 600MHz. Good luck LocDaBorg
  5. LocDaBorg

    LocDaBorg Member

    Well, I finally got it upgraded to 2.2.2. Had to re-try that method I posted about. I wonder if the Gingerbread update for Phoenix will work for Thrive.

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