Is GPS function working properly yet on Nexus 7 2013General

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  1. modhatter

    modhatter Member

    Have heard about all the problems with the Nexus 7, 2013 and having the GPS stop working after about 30 minutes. Do you know if this has been resolved? Also, has anyone installed Navagon on their Nexus 7 2013?

    How's it working for you.

  2. tukatz

    tukatz Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if I have had my GPS running for 30 minutes, so can't speak to that issue. I'll try to test it.

    I discovered Sygic and tried their eval version. I was so impressed that I bought the whole world map set. There is not charge for the app itself. I wanted North America and Europe and it was more cost-effective to purchase the whole world. Once you have purchased a map set you get free updates to maps and POIs. I posted a review in this forum.
  3. sparksd

    sparksd Well-Known Member

    Drove 25 mi in 40 minutes using Sygic (great app!) on my month-old N7 today - not a glitch, worked great.
  4. garryknight

    garryknight Well-Known Member

    I had both Google Maps and OSMand running with the screen on and off over the course of about 4 hours, navigating on foot a few weeks ago and the GPS functioned well. The N7 picks up satellites faster than any other GPS device I've owned, even indoors with two floors above me, though a fair bit slower, as long as I'm not too far from the window. This is the 32GB LTE version.
  5. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member

    I've had no issues with gps. Used it for longer than 30 minutes multiple times with copilot.

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