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Is is just me...

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  1. LGOptimus17

    LGOptimus17 Active Member

    Or is anyone else noticing that there txt messages either do not go out or they takes ages to do so. Also has anyone noticed that placing a phone call has more to do with luck (it hardly connects) than anything else. I'm hoping I'm not the only one experiencing these problems.:confused:

  2. boricuakiller

    boricuakiller Well-Known Member

    update prl update profile
  3. LGOptimus17

    LGOptimus17 Active Member

    I did that and now I'm not getting ANY signal/services.

    Never mind. I restarted the phone and everything seems to be working at full speed again. Thanks.
  4. LGOptimus17

    LGOptimus17 Active Member

    So it's happening all over again. Now it has progressed to lost calls. Mid conversation I'm going from full signal to nothing!

    Help please!

    As you can tell I'm getting nothing at all! I usually have NO PROBLEMS with signal.
  5. SulkyAndroid17

    SulkyAndroid17 Well-Known Member

    Preferred Roaming List probably won't help you in this situation. Updating the profile could if something has become corrupted. Also, if you're rooted, you could try clearing all your caches and see if that improves your situation.

    Your picture just shows that you have a weak signal. Not "nothing at all". There's usually a "X" if you don't have service. Settings-> About Phone-> Network/Status. Under Signal Strength you'll see you signal in dBm. If you don't have a signal it'll say so too.

    Signal strength is a reflection of congestion and other factors on the network, or a tower. You can download something like Open Signal Maps to see which tower your phone connects too. Then move around till you can get your phone to connect to a different tower. If the problem is solved then you know it's a tower issue for whatever reason and not your phone. Restarting your phone also causes the phone to locate a new tower.
  6. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Sprint has been upgrading their network. If you're a Sprint customer then you're picked up by (insert roaming partner here <Verizon>). If you're with Boost you're at the mercy the network and will only get through when the signal comes back on. Hopefully the towers are being upgraded in your area and it is not an indication of your phone going belly up. You may want to call Boost, they can tell you what's going on with your service if you give them your zip code.
  7. mydian

    mydian Well-Known Member

    If you have Facebook go to Boosts Facebook page and complain you have no service and give them your zip. I always do this when I have a problem and usually here something back pretty quickly.
  8. LGOptimus17

    LGOptimus17 Active Member

    Update: So it turns out that there is a tower down in my area and there's nothing I can do about it. The rep said it would be fixed by Feb 2 and that I would get a credit on my account.

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