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Is it just me or do I need super user to do this.Support

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  1. Bubsmash

    Bubsmash Active Member

    What I am doing my best to do here is get rid of a few things I do not need that were pre installed on my Fascinate 4G phone. One of which that I do not use like Kobo I mean I use Adobe Reader to read books ect.
    Does one need Super User to delete these stupid things from there phone because I really cannot seem to delete them.
    If this is the case it would be great to know about as I am pulling my hair here trying to get rid of the darn things I do not use in place of things I do use.

  2. Bubsmash

    Bubsmash Active Member

    Okay so most all of you here are right it sucks not having a phone rooted. It really is too bad for the masses out there that cannot even administrate there own phones properly.
    I myself I am doing my best to get rid of Kobo all together well I phoned Telus and they could not do anything for me so he gave me a tech support number to call. I called them to see if I could get Kobo off my phone all together he then lead me to the App store where we had played around for a bit then he put me on hold.
    Afterwards he came back on the phone to tell me that the app I was trying to remove is a preinstalled app and that I could not remove it from the phone as it was one of the apps pre installed I could not remove.
    I told him so there is nothing you can do to get rid of an application that I do not use at all nor want due to me reading my books ect on Adobe Reader. He said to me sir I understand your frusterations and yes you cannot remove it.
    The tech support number I called was Samsung themselves.
    I then told him that was a load of bull and that I would need to figure out a way to just get full root access to my phone. I also told him that they should not be doing this as some people such as I may not want Kobo on there phone taking up space for other potential apps I may want or need on the phone taking up that potential space.
    At the end I told him well I know I need root access to do this and if you are not going to help me get it off my dam phone then I will have to do something myself.
    He told me I can excercise my rights to do with whatever I wanted to do.

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