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  1. iPhail

    iPhail Well-Known Member

    is this the dumbest idea ever implemented into a phone?

  2. yohobojo

    yohobojo Well-Known Member

    Not THE dumbest idea, but the idea is pretty stupid.
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  3. Terry1100

    Terry1100 Well-Known Member

    Tell that to my kids !

    This puppy is vying with the Acer Betouch E210 to be my next phone as I just want an Android phone with a Blackberry form factor - but my kids live on FB on their dumbphones - they'd kill for this.
  4. yohobojo

    yohobojo Well-Known Member

    All my friends have fb. About 50% of them has no life and live on fb. Imo its ******ed, on other people, not ******ed. Just think theres no need to be on fb 24/7.
  5. Ghibli

    Ghibli Well-Known Member

    I think if we ignore the Facebook button, this could be the phone a lot of people have been waiting for. A Blackberry-esque phone with all the goodies Android brings. I can see many an iPod Touch user taking advantage of the WiFi hotspot on the ChaCha, while reserving the phone purely for communication.
  6. Terry1100

    Terry1100 Well-Known Member

    And an HTC badge on the front - I know Acer have a fair enough reputation for laptops but they're not a big player in the mobile phone world - so the E210 isn't a shoe -in for my money.

    Endless waiting for the Motorola Charm or Pro in the UK so even with a June date for this one it's still the favourite in my book.
  7. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    I like the Blackberry formfactor, I had hopes for the Motorola Charm but that phone is a piece of shit so I'm hoping this one will do good, the name is beyond stupid (chacha in spanish = offensive, come on) and the facebook button could do without- perhaps they can get rid of that for the NA version.
  8. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    ^ lol that's sad.

    BTW Terry, skip the Charm.
  9. yohobojo

    yohobojo Well-Known Member

    I have a fb but i rarely use... its just for show. xD.
  10. smooshkissxx

    smooshkissxx Member

    I bought this phone a few weeks and not for the FB button, but for the keyboard :p i'm sick to death of touchscreen only phones. I didn't want to go back to Blackberry and I do like HTC. This was just a perfect combination for me lol.

    The FB button is handy though, when you need to update your status in those critical moments ;) :p
  11. brykins

    brykins Well-Known Member

    Others have said this - ignore the Facebook button and this is a damn good form factor for someone who wan't a communications device with a keyboard. I miss the keyboard of my Blackberry but much prefer the OS of Android. I took a good long look at the ChaCha before I decided on the SGS2 - mostly cos the ChaCha wasn't available at the time, but also cos apart from the form, it's quite a bit behind the times in terms of spec.

    Put the insides of the SGS2 into the ChaCha case and you'd have a winner for me.
  12. malt1977

    malt1977 Member

    It's basically a handset for teens, we started selling a few days ago and it's shifting like sh1t of a tefflon shovel!!
  13. jmills01

    jmills01 New Member

    I'm no teenager: I'm considering buying one as a business phone.

    I need the BlackBerry form factor but my company don't support BlackBerry. I want Android as Symbian is dead (currently have a Nokia E72).

    The ChaCha looks very promising.

    I don't care about FB button - you don't have to use it.

    I would rather it had a less silly name, but then how often do you need to call your phone by its name?

    There are basically only two other credible devices out there with similar capability:

    1. Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 - only Android 2.2 and let down by its poor camera and low-res screen
    2. Motorola Pro - generally decent but only Android 2.2 and doesn't have FM radio (a must-have for me so I can listen to the news on the way to and from work). Some suggestion that the radio chip does have FM capability and could get FM radio via software "hack"

    The ChaCha (name and FB button aside) is only really let down by the absence of full Adobe Flash support and is a very interesting prospect for a serious business user.

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