Is it me or does the Vortex suck???General

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  1. Mattdawg18

    Mattdawg18 Member

    My wife and I both have the Vortex. Hers holds almost nothing in the way of memory, she has 1 app.....ONE. And it still gives the "Low storage space" message. I'm starting to get those same messages as well. However I have 10 times the amount of apps and such on my phone. It is beyond frustrating to us both at this point. Thank god I am due an upgrade soon but seriously, this phone is the suck.

    Honestly, I am not impressed with the Vortex even a little.

  2. picord

    picord Well-Known Member

    I always thought of it us a entry level phone, my wife picked it out for her first android phone coming from a BB Storm..I told her to pick something else but she wouldnt listen to me.
    She is now using my old Incredible since I upgraded to the Incredible 2
  3. F4280

    F4280 Active Member

    Well im glad my upgrade is coming soon as well so I can get the thunderbolt
  4. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    Too bad! I love mine! Does everything I want it to - and hey! It EVEN makes and receives phone calls! :)

    Seriously - suck? As compared to what? Would you expect a family sedan to perform like a Ferrari? Get real! For it's intended audience and entry level into the Android market, it's a very good phone! If you have exceeded its capabilities, that doesn't mean it sucks, it means either your need or your greed requires a bigger fix.

    Anyone who doesn't want their LG Vortex, let me know. I know a few folks who would be happy to have them donated to them. :D
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  5. mel2000

    mel2000 Active Member

    Frequent Low Storage notifications might indicate a need to clear your email cache.
  6. johnbglenn

    johnbglenn Member

    Step 1: Root your phone. Use gingerbreak, don't be afraid... it's not hard. There's a great youtube vid on how to do this.

    Step 2: Install Link2SD from google appstore. Move your largest apps to your SD card.

    Step : Profit! (couldn't resist)

    Admittedly, as of late Feb 2013, the Vortex is near if not past the end of its usefulness as a smartphone, but if you are stuck with it, these two steps will save you space and allow you to run many more apps on this phone.

    Yes, others have said clearing cache and data regularly will also help. Some apps can be moved through the Manage Applications screen, but Link2SD lets you move MANY others, including the massive (for this phone) Facebook app.

    Good luck!

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