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Is it must to learn java for android

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  1. murli800

    murli800 New Member

    Hi all android champs..
    I am a Drupal guy...
    I am totally new to android..my company switched me to android..and all alone in android..I have a query..is it must to learn java for android developement..???
    Reply would be appreciated..

  2. thibaultj

    thibaultj Member

    Well, android apps are mostly developed with java, and java is the main language of the android platforms. You will have a hard time trying to develop android apps without a (at least) basic java knowledge.

    They switched you from drupal to Android, without any android nor java skills? Are they dumb?
  3. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

  4. danialgoodwin

    danialgoodwin Member

    I'd say that Java is most certainly the easiest way to get started with, create, and deploy apps. I have deployed three apps to the market so far and have 23K+ installs.

    If you know any other programming language reasonably well, then you will easily pick up Java.

    Though, I did watch an Android keynote where they were making it easier for C and C++ game programmers to port their code natively within the framework because of the languages' greater performance. Found it: Google I/O 2011: Bringing C and C++ Games to Android - YouTube

    And here's the official Android NDK for programming in C or C++: Android NDK | Android Developers

    I hope this is helpful.
    ~ Dan ~
  5. padmap6112

    padmap6112 New Member

    How to debug an Android Application

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