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Is it my phone - or the battery..?

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  1. BlackTigress

    BlackTigress Well-Known Member

    Well, I was just getting started with my OG Motorola Droid with the 4.1 jelly bean mod. I got stuck trying to get apps2sd to work (and still probably can't manage to get it to work).

    Then all of a sudden, my battery went to 1% - died, but then I went to charge it. Then from that point on, it basically just gave out.

    My phone gave crazy readings - like one moment, 5%. (Power off) Next, 50%. (Power off) Next, 1%. (Power off) Next, 80%. Eventually, it (the phone) stopped working Unless I put it on the charger.

    Tried to do the battery in the freezer trick. The phone actually claimed that it was completely charged.........until I took it off the charger..and it died..

    Some how some way, I managed to get $3 bucks for free online, and bought a new battery (thank God)...But then it hit me..What if it's my phone that's the problem and not the battery?

    I swear, I'd be so upset if that were the case..Lol..Is there any way that I could find out which is exactly the problem? The only real hint that I have is that when I had set my phone back to it's Original rom, the battery icon had a question mark symbol in it. The prongs on the inside seem completely okay as well. Yet, I still don't completely know whether it's my phone or the battery itself..

  2. hiredgun

    hiredgun Well-Known Member

    For some reason, the batteries on my "Chinese Special" knock off phone are SUPER sensitive to charging too, and the ONLY way I can get them to charge without going TOTALLY dead is by usb instead of using the wall charger. It might be worth a try in your case, at least that way you can be pretty sure if it's the battery or the phone if it still doesn't give you a correct charge!
  3. BlackTigress

    BlackTigress Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, I don't have a usb cord to check that out.. :/ Only wall chargers..

    But hey - another thing to keep in mind, the phone also works without the battery while on the charger..
  4. hiredgun

    hiredgun Well-Known Member

    Definitely and interesting point indeed. If I were you I'd get buy a mini-usb cable so that you can be sure, but it sounds as if you are on the right track!
  5. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    you mentioned a Jelly been mod... does that mean you are rooted?
    How old is your droid/battery??

    since it works fine via wall charger...and you are rooted.. did you have a Nandroid? flash back to a back up. if not.. flash a ROM that you know works.

    if your device is old.. and works via charger.. i am leaning to dead battery.

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