Is it Ok to use the LG wall charger from my enV3 on the Thunderbolt?Support

  1. The DA

    The DA Member

    The connection is the same and seems to be charging it just fine but I wonder if it's the correct ampage or whatever and may be doing long term damage to my battery or something....

  2. WA_Bob

    WA_Bob VIP Member VIP Member

    It should be. I use a spare Motorola one on my Thunderbolt and it hasn't had any problems I'm aware of. The phone and the battery should be able to regulate the charge input into the battery so it won't overcharge, but it might take longer to charge than the stock cherger it came with.
  3. beenr271

    beenr271 Well-Known Member

  4. The DA

    The DA Member

    Sweet. Thanks! I have several of these chargers so I'm going to keep one at work, one in the car, one at home...I have a car charger as well so with all these chargers I should be OK even with the less than stellar battery life. *knocks on wood*
  5. plim

    plim Well-Known Member

    You should be fine. I used my old enV2 charger on my Incredible and now my TB. it only pumps out 850 mah, so it will charge slower than the stock charger (1 ah), but faster than usb (500 mah).
  6. BeastMD

    BeastMD Well-Known Member

    Things you should keep in mind with charging on micro usb. The phone/device will only draw the max power it needs up to the max supply. So if the phone/device draws 500mA and you plug it into an adapter that supplies UP TO 1000mA it will only draw 500mA.

    The phone/device determines how much electricity it needs and draws as much as it can up to its max.
  7. Dark Jedi

    Dark Jedi Guest

    I have used my ipod touch wall plug to charge my phones (d1, dinc, also my bolt.) Found this out because I brought my cord but not my plug to work one day.

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