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  1. icrazy2u

    icrazy2u Well-Known Member

    Phone loads to "htc incredible" screen, and just stays there. Left it on over night and didn't do anything. For some reason I can get to the hboot screen holding down on the volume key, but once I'm in that screen, I can't go down or up in the menu, and my power button stopped working a while ago. Is there a way I can wipe the phone clean or is it time for another phone? Like is there a way to connect it to the computer and wipe it clean or something?

    I have my upgrade now, but can't decide between 4s, Inc4G, or Rezound if I can't get this one working.

  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    You are pretty much out of luck if you can't get the volume/power keys working. Try taking the the battery cover off and cleaning around them.

    Also, when you have the cover off, look next to the power button, towards the middle of the phone, for a small black rectangular plastic piece. I noticed on one of my incredibles, that that particular piece had come loose and was causing my power button not to work. If I pushed that piece towards the front of the phone, my power button would work again. I ended up sticking a small piece of paper against it, so that when I put the cover back on, it pushed the piece forward and kept the power button working.
  3. icrazy2u

    icrazy2u Well-Known Member

    I can't find that piece. Guess its over, I'll just be phoneless for another day til I get that 4G. I wanted a different Android, but theres nothing on Verizon thats smaller. Just big, unless its the iPhone, but whatever, Inc is Incredible.

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