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Is it possible awake time doesn't affect battery? (Browse All)

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  1. Fwicks

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    Oct 2, 2009
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    I guess I could have posted this in one of the 8 million "battery fix"/"awake time" threads, but it's kind of a different question/situation. I did the fix when I got the phone around the middle of the month, and my awake time is still showing 100% and has never changed. However, my battery life is awesome. The first day or two, it was at a critical battery level after only about 3-4 hours of very minimal texting and no talking or web browsing. Since disabling the stock messaging app and installing ChompSMS, it is still usually at 50% after 10 hours of heavy texting, moderate talking, app use, browsing, and wifi. Is it possible that the awake time doesn't affect battery life? Anyone else finding themselves in a similar situation? I am not complaining at all, just curious if maybe these battery problems people are reporting are not necessarily directly related to awake time. (And by the way, I installed HandCentSMS first, and battery life did not improve, so uninstalled and tried ChompSMS which seemed to help.)


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