Is it possible to flash a T589R with T589 firmware?General

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  1. iChinadian

    iChinadian Member

    I want to turn a Fido/Rogers T589R Galaxy Q (Canadian version of the Samsung T589 Gravity Smart) into a AWS device so I could switch to either Wind Mobility or Mobilicity. To be exact, I just want to flash the radio file (I think the PHONE field in Odin).

    I found a link to T589W's firmware at The T589W is the true Canadian version of the T589, i.e. HSDPA 1700/2100, whereas the T589R is HSDPA 850/1900. I know the file amss controls the radio frequencies, but I have also read that this can't be done since the T589 is built with hardware that uses different radio frequency and as such, flashing the T589R with a T589/T589W firmware will do nothing. Is this true? Thanks in advance!

  2. TehDewster

    TehDewster Member

    Doing this will most likely make you loose cellular (this is why ROMs don't have different radio files). If our phone has a different script for the frequencies, the antenna, which is set to a GMS signal, will probally fry the antenna, because of the conflicts

    Just saying, you shouldn't do this, but instead just pay for an unlock code (goto because the different SIM card will properly tweak the antenna for the proper frequencies.


  3. iChinadian

    iChinadian Member

    Thanks, and it's OK -- I unlocked my phone a long time ago with the free but painful method of looking up the unlock code with a hex editor.

    Oh well, looks like I will have to stay with Fido for now.

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