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Is it possible to Map a network drive

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  1. chopyouup

    chopyouup New Member

    Hi, I have been scouring these pages the last few days and have found every possible FTP and file transfer app, But none allow access to a https:// secured folder.

    In my case, I'm attempting to connect to my schools academic program server to view and download files to and from my Droid.

    Although I can view this server through the browser, it is a read only version.

    I guess I'm looking for a Mapping Network Drive app that is not restricted to FTP

    Thanks for anyone able to provide any leads or help.

  2. davbak

    davbak Well-Known Member

    ES File Explorer.
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  3. chopyouup

    chopyouup New Member

    Installed and is not able to access Https

    I directly contacted then and they mentioned that
    Thanks for using the software!
    Currently it doesn't support https, but we've put this feature into user request database for future version consideration.
    Thanks again for the advice!

    EStrongs Supporting Team

    I don't know if it is even possible right now, I imagine eventually someone will create a https client
  4. msieg080

    msieg080 Active Member

    GREAT POST!! Solved my network drive issue and now I have 500 GB of media at my figer tips!!! LITERALLY!!!

    The CifsManager wouldn't work for me - especially since it won't launch from the apps menu...

    A little strange though - I couldn't authenticate?? uname and password were correct, but I had to choose "anonymous"

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