is it possible to record audio/video WHILE playing music?

  1. rhettoric

    rhettoric Member

    i'm big into freestyling. i have over 1500 instrumentals on my phone :p

    i can't figure out how to play them and record myself (either audio or video) at the same time.

    i figure i'm either gonna have to download a new music player that won't close or a video/audio recorder that won't close the "Music" player that came with my evo.

    and before anyone goes tryin to be smart, i realize that even if i was able to accomplish such an action the quality would probably be really low due to speaker and mic being so close.

    my intent is more of a "on the fly lyric composition" rather than a " put myself on youtube to show everyone how awesome i am" :p

    thanks for any help yall can offer

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  2. rhettoric

    rhettoric Member

    just got the lite version of hifiCorder. it works real nice, but i'm not sure i want to spend 10 bucks on it :)
  3. hunterp

    hunterp Member


    One of my original intentions was to allow HiFiCorder to stay open while you do other things. So you can turn on HiFiCorder and run it in the background while you are doing other things.

    Run a loop track in another app, and freestyle on top of it, then capture all in HiFiCorder.

    Run an instrumental track on youtube and freestyle on problem.

    Run a track from your music player and sing over it too...The possibilities are endless. Thanks!!

    -The creator of HiFiCorder.
  4. liveprintservi

    liveprintservi New Member

    Hello. Yeah the sound driver don't wan share itself
  5. cmpbeats

    cmpbeats New Member

    Hey there rhettoric, I just created an app that does what you are looking for. Its called FreeStyle Recorder and it lets you load any beat from your phone's SD card, record to it through the phone's mic as it plays then you can hear back the vocals with the beat. You can also save the song settings in the program to bring it up later. Unfortunately I haven't been able to add a "bounce" feature to let you combine vocal recording and beat into one file but its definately a great tool for preproduction and songwriting. check it out at the following link:


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