is it possible to record your phone conversations?General

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  1. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Sorry, no I did not know that the app would not work on the Droid.


  2. Whask

    Whask New Member

    Yes it is possible. Google Voice lets you record ONLY incoming calls I beleive and there is a notification tone or message once you start recording but it worked great the one time I tried it.

    I just downloaded another app today called "Call Recording for Android 1.6 only" which I have yet to try, which may not apply to you, dont recallif you were the one using droid or not.
  3. lakero

    lakero New Member

    Yes, I'm the Droid guy. Thanks for the tips.
  4. androidforumsQuint

    androidforumsQuint Active Member

    Any developments on this topic? ... any good call recorders for the Droid?
  5. bump
  6. damnmad

    damnmad Well-Known Member

    Not sure it will work on Droid, but try AirVoice. Requires root
  7. Rimidalv

    Rimidalv New Member

    there is new program AllCallRecorder. It records conversations. You can find it in android market.
  8. anoid

    anoid Well-Known Member

    Do you have to be on speaker phone?
  9. Norril

    Norril Well-Known Member

    Bummer. Checked up on everything mentioned here and several others. They either don't work on new 2.x Android, they crash, sound bad, etc. Pretty slim pickins.
  10. C8H10N4O2

    C8H10N4O2 Member

    This made me lol so much I had to sign up.

    If anyone ever finds anything, please update this thread, I'd appreciate it.
  11. I used to have older phones that had a record conversation feature. Not so much these days... IIRC it would only record your voice and not the other persons though.
  12. timp123

    timp123 Active Member

    I've tried every app I could find with my Motorola Droid, but nothing worked. Finally I came across a post from someone who had tried to write an app, but discovered that Motorola had disabled call recording of any kind in the OS. Said it might be possible with some tweaks to a custom ROM.
    This made me trade in my droid for the HTC Incredible, which I have currently. vRecord seems to be the best app so automatically records all calls to the SD card, but it appears to only record through the microphone, so the other party's call comes through very very quiet compared to your own voice, but it is still audible and actually sounds decent if you have the call on speakerphone. Not a great solution, and nothing like the CallRec app I had on my old Palm, but it does work for now.
    I too am waiting eagerly for someone to write an app that actually records both sides with decent quality, and I would pay generously for it. If anybody finds or writes one, please let us know.
  13. imagineth

    imagineth New Member

    It is perfectly legal to record your own calls no matter what and where ever you might be. The only thing that differs from state to state is the admissibility of the recorded phone call as evidence in a civil court. The government can use it against you, though, in criminal court. Ahhh tyranny!

    Composed on my HTC EVO G4.
  14. nickkk

    nickkk New Member

    You are wrong! Do not offer your personal oppinion in which someone might use it and get in to a lot of trouble.

    Federal wide-tapping laws are as follows. You must verify that you are speaking with the inended party or an authorized representative for the party in which they state their name and relation. You must then state the call will be recorded.

    No 3rd party needs to be involved. A recording of a telephone call or of a conversation (in a private dwelling) is wide-tapping.

    You need not inform someone of a recording or video if in a public area or you have the permission of the property owner/official.

    Any information obtained illegally will almost always be thrown out of court. You may also be held accountable for your actions.

    Your car is also an extension of your home, however, you do not need to advise someone of a recording while you're in your car. You can record police pullovers as evidence if needed for your defense just as they do with audio and video in their cruisers.

    I hope this helps.
  15. cheater

    cheater New Member

    I'm sorry, but your post is devoid of value because of the following reasons:

    1. according to me, you do not understand wire-tapping. As I understand it, but I am not an authority in this question, wire-tapping happens when someone eavesdrops on a communication between two people by exploiting the fact that the wire cannot be protected and therefore breaching the party's privacy without consent - historically done by climbing a pole or digging up a wire and tapping it. When you're at home and your partner of conversation is at their home, you cannot know of this act and therefore cannot protect your privacy. If you had a conversation at home with another person in the same room, and a third party walked in on you, you could tell them to leave the room because it is a private conversation. This is impossible with wiretapping.

    2. you do not bring up any references. you try to be a mega-authority in terms of USA Federal Law yet bring up no laws to take account of. This has been done better earlier in this thread with people bringing up court orders and jury testimonies, in favor of the fact that YES INDEED, IT IS ALLOWED. You lack any legal support in your post. You didn't even use any basic logic to explain this, you just impose what is opinion, as unbeatable fact.

    3. Even if it were completely outlawed according to the USA Federal laws, this is and not The Android operating system and the telephones can be used in other countries - you know other countries exist, right? So don't spoil the game for people who you didn't even think about. It is perfectly admissible to record your own conversations in Europe.

    4. If someone sends me an email, and I save it on my HDD, is that eavesdropping? No, it's not. And neither is saving on my HDD audio streams that someone sends me. Sorry to rain on your parade, but there's little difference in this regard whether the conversation is aural, textual, or using taps on the other person's back in morse code.

    5. Even if it were absolutely needed to warn the other person that you're recording, then it is still not illegal to record the conversation - you warn the other person, wait for their agreement, click record, and off you go. So, still, a lot of legitimate use, for people like me (business conversations for future reference), for reporters (interviews, telephone based reports from remote units), for lawyers (many lawyers will record face to face conversations with their clients for legal purposes and the other person knows about it), for anyone who's on call and gets paid by the minute (in order to prove the phone call existed and that work was being discussed during the phone call), and so on. The possibilities are really big, and the ones I have mentioned above do exclude routing the phone call through an external phone number for some phonecall recording service.

    Therefore, taking all above posts to consideration, the current consensus is:




  16. Baywatch

    Baywatch New Member

    ALLCallRecorder mentioned somwhere above worked for me on my crappy Motorola Cliq running a rooted Android 1.5.

    Infact I was a bit surprised at the quality of the recording. The app itself could use some work, but it does work.

    and yeah, the "wire-tapping" dood is a nub. One person notification is all that is required in all but a handful of states.

    Example in my state the statue states clearly:
    R.I. Gen. Laws
  17. thelimeyone

    thelimeyone New Member

    just plain not true. check your state for sure. i can tell you for a fact that in my state, it is perfectly legal to record any conversation that you are a part of.
    (so there
  18. thelimeyone

    thelimeyone New Member

    oh, and its not wire tapping if you are part of the call.
  19. I stopped reading his post after this... :D

    And he used that phrase not only once, but twice.

    Clearly his legal opinions are as good as that child at the street corner.

    Maybe worse.
  20. bellC

    bellC New Member

    does anyone know anything about any of those cell spies, i see advertised all over the net.. do they work, can they be detected, and how would you block it if it did work.
  21. maaa

    maaa New Member

    How can I play these type of files on my PC? It is .3gp I have HTC EVO 4G with Android 2.2 I cannot even play this files on the phone as it has no facility to play them . Any info would be appreciated. TIA
  22. I'm not 100% sure on this, but it's my understanding that...

    - The Android infrastructure is setup that, the phone calls are handled by a separated radio processor, and...
    - Unless the radio hardware/firmware is setup to provide 2-way voice signals...
    - Then all those "call recording" programs can only record the voice through the microphone, which means...
    - Your voice will be clear but in most of the cases, the other side will be muffled at best... That's why you see all those recorders have low ratings...
    - A few Android phones are properly setup for these, and they even have built-in voice recorder... (Which Android Phone Has Native Call Recording Function...? - Android Forums)

    See this... Issue 2117 - android - Enhancement: Call Recorder - Project Hosting on Google Code
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  23. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    How about an app that automatically says the following statement before all your calls:

    "This call may be recorded"
  24. Haha... Good idea, but gives us a contact-based on/off option.
  25. nicey

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