Is it possible to sync my pictures and contact to my gmail account?

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  1. TalkingTina

    TalkingTina Member

    I have a samsung moment... and have had it for maybe 3 weeks. How do you sync pictures and contacts to your gmail? I heard someone could do it with their G1... but I can't figure it out. Is this possible? Please explain. THANKS! ;)

  2. jefftheriffer

    jefftheriffer Member

    I got my Moment just a little over a week ago. All you have to do is link the phone with your Gmail account, then tell it to sync Contacts.

    Go to the Apps, find the GMail app and launch it. If you haven't already linked your account, it should prompt you to do so. Essentially just entering your GMail address and password.

    Once linked, from the Home screen you can tap Menu, select Settings and scroll down to Data Synchronization. Tap that, scroll down and you'll see three options to sync your Gmail, Calendar and Contacts. Tap the Contacts option and there you go!

    You'll also see in this settings area you can enable auto-sync if you so choose. I personally don't want to but its a matter of preference...
  3. dzine2fit

    dzine2fit Well-Known Member

    why would u want to save pics to gmail anyways, get photobucket accoutn and theres a photobucket app on the market and then everytime u take a pic it, back up there and ur phone.
  4. jefftheriffer

    jefftheriffer Member

    I assume they were referring to the pictures you can link to your contacts in Gmail (i.e. contact thumbnails).
  5. dzine2fit

    dzine2fit Well-Known Member

    I dont think theres such a thing like gmail saving pics on gmail account per say, I know they had picasa but I dont like it that much anymore, I got photobucket and Im happy with it, I can post pics on forums too just copy html link from there site. its preety kool.
  6. TalkingTina

    TalkingTina Member

    Because so that when I already have the pics on my gmail, I can send them to people right away. It would just be a hassle uploading them to photobucket, copying them, and uploading them on my email. o_O
  7. Laxe

    Laxe Well-Known Member

    Sorry I am a bit confused. Didn't you want to save the pics you attached to your contacts to Gmail? I think Gmails does this because a few of my contacts that I've sync'd does indeed keep the old photos I attached to them but it doesn't really matter since I sync my contacts with my Facebook account so that the pictures are taken from there instead.

    As for emailing pictures you send, you should be able to create an email and just attach the pictures from your phones' memory/gallery. I'm not sure exactly how the Moment handles this but since it's Android it should be similar to how the Nexus handles it..
  8. jonjazy

    jonjazy Member

    what about uploading videos to gmail account?
  9. DarkTLRrider

    DarkTLRrider Well-Known Member

    Your videos can be uploaded to either Picasa or YouTube both Google products and are integrated into the phone. From your gallery choose share the Picasa option is already there. And you have YouTube on your phone as well. Open it and menue>upload.
  10. JDTheDJ

    JDTheDJ New Member

    I am trying to figure out how to sync my contacts from my droid to gmail. it would be nice to link the pictures of my contacts to their files. Especially considering you can grab their photos from facebook but now how do you get it to gmail.?
  11. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    If you go to the first couple post thats right here the answer your looking for you will find..

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