Is it possible to update HTC amaze from Gingerbread to Donut?Support

  1. Danny80

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    Hey, is it possible to ( i am still new to the world of androids) update my HTC amaze from gingerbread to donut? I am not sure if it is or not .... please let me know. I just know its insane android keeps updating and the phones cant keep up with them?

  2. sdrawkcab25

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    Donut would be a downgrade (donut is basically the first android OS to come out) not an upgrade, but if you mean upgrading to Ice Cream Sandwhich ( the latest OS), it is not possible at this time. The HTC amaze 4G will be eventually updated, but no time frame has been announced by HTC.

    HTC Gives End of March Deadline on Ice Cream Sandwich Updates for Sensation Phones, Confirms More Devices

    There also may be an ice cream Sandwhich rom if you are rooted.

    Ps: I moved this to the htc amaze forum, where other people with your phone are, I'm sure, keeping an eye out for the update too.
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