Is it safe to install Cyanogenmod using Rom Manager?

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  1. azap

    azap New Member

    I just got my N1 few days back..after reading through lot of posts..was finally able to root it using "superoneclick".
    Then installed rom manager and wanted to partition my 16gb mem card, so i went into CWM recovery (latest) from rom manager, selected 2gb partition wid 32mb swap, then it went into "partition in progress..plz wait"... dis continued for more than 40 i removed d battery ,rebooted phone and on checking storage it showed 12.99gb free space(has it sucessfuly partitioned?) later i installed link2sd n even after linking apps, i still get low memory notification.what to do?

    Also is it safe enough to install cyanogenmod 7.2 using rom manager, if not someone please tell me a safer but still relatively easy method.

  2. azap

    azap New Member

    is this forum dead???????

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