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  1. liderbravin

    liderbravin Well-Known Member

    well i love my indulge but i drope it last sunday and the screen is craked now,phone still works perfect no problem there but i dont like to look at it and see that screen all messed my question it worth fixing or is worth it swtiching to the Atain? i know the indulge has a bigger comunity now,we have a costum room,a new kernel, and a fewn things going on right now, but in the other hand im a bit desperate to try out the android 2.3 and cm7...i know atain dont have much going on and probably will take a while to even be able to talk about cm7...but i like to keep always updated...k0nane has done a great job with basix and the kernel and drock also for geting us the cwm...but we know that the indulge its not they're priority right now, k0nane posted that hes priority is the epic4g...he was very kind to take sometime to give us basix...but as for now i dont see we getting CM7 anytime soon, so i even tought about switching from metro no another carrier and get another phone that has some more things going on,rom's and even cm7 or 9...tought about geting a evo 4g or a htc sense...what it sucks about that is the montly plan,i dont know if its worth it getting stuck on a 2year contract...i know many will say its better to stay with the indulge but i wold like to hear some opinion from somebody that owns the indulge but also another phone that has more things going right now,so what you guys think? i have till tomorow to decide , i cant wait too much and very anxius about the cm7 and tryn other new order for me to see a great change and stay on metro wold be the LG Esteem and pay $299 and no contract or get abetter phone for cheap price from another carrier but get stuck on a contrac....gggrrrrrrrrrrrrr, i hate this, i just wanna make a good choice and dont regreat later.

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  2. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    If you don't wanna regret it later, don't decide yet.
    Just hold off for now, and wait for cool phones coming out in Q2 this year.
    Even metro will have a dual core phone by then, rumor has it...

    Think about it, cm7 is nearing it's end, people are more into cm9. And wouldn't you prefer Android 4.0 instead of 2.3?
    2.3 is the final iteration of the 2.x series as I see, while 4.0 is the beginning of universally updateable Android (Google's wish, not mine)
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  3. n4zty

    n4zty Well-Known Member

    still has a 1 year warranty from samsung i really hate to say this but some1 on this forum sent me their bricked indulge and i later called samsung and they fixed it for free and in return i got a second working indulge :D so go to samsung and go to support and then contact them.
  4. liderbravin

    liderbravin Well-Known Member

    when you say Q2 of the year you thinking around when? have you heard anything about metro puting something out with android 4.0? definetly prefer
  5. liderbravin

    liderbravin Well-Known Member

    i did a dumb thing when i first got my indulge, i had a problem with the search button not working when i first flashed basix while ago , i didnt know much about CWM ODIN etc so i took the phone to metro without puting back to stock and they saw the superuser aplication and they used that to void my even had insurance on the phone but i stoped payn because they said that i even with i keep the insurance they already had put in they system ( metro ) that i had rooted the phone and no matter witch stored i go ...also the insurance people was gonna be notify about it and wold not cover anything from that point basicaly i had to do some research in here and found a fix for the litle search button and fixed the problem and learned few more things and since then i never had to go back to the store...and thinking about it today it sucks because was just a matter of going to /data/ folder moving the google search app the the system/app/ got very pissed off at my self,but i guess sometimes we have to learn the hard way...but i guess i gonna do like tiede said and wait , but i hate to look at my phone and see this cracked screen...
  6. n4zty

    n4zty Well-Known Member

    yea ouch always return back to stock before returning back to store.But yea your cracked screen is covered by samsung for 1 year from your oringinal purchase.
  7. liderbravin

    liderbravin Well-Known Member

    so you sayn that even that metro put a note that i had rooted the phone im still covered from samsung for 1 year? yeah but looking at the day i joing the forun i can see that its been more then 1 year...shit it sucks cause i think it broke before the im gonna see if i can sale it..i got the samsung galaxy s2 and i like it alot,but i also like the indulge i just hate the fact that the screen its cracked....its not so bad but im kind perfectionist alitle so i hate to see the phone like that,i called metro store and they said even if i pay they dont do that type of service,they dont im tryn to see if i can find a way to fix it so i can sale it,but at the end of the day i dont think its worth to fix if im gonna sale much you think i should sale it for? everything its working fine, i have 2 extended battery and 2 standard one's,1 8gb micro sd and 2 -2g micro sd cards...and card charger and one wall charger and 3 usb cables to use on the computer.
  8. trillgemini

    trillgemini Member

    I was wondering all the same things. My phone is woking fine but I just cracked my screen. I was wanting to upgrade before the screen got cracked but I've been holding out b/c I want a really good phone and don't know what to get. I planned on selling my indulge but not idk what I could get for it. Please let me know if you have had any luck with yours. Thanks!!
    *Also if anyone knows about when metro will be getting android 4.0 I would love to know! And if anyone has the LG esteem, I would Love their opinion on the phone!! Thank U!!
  9. chuckiev79

    chuckiev79 New Member

    very informative thread! i have a samsung indulge r915 and i love it. im running 2.3.6 gingerbread from their latest update. would buy a better phone, but i go though cricket and this is their best phone with a keyboard; at least in my opinion. plus i dont want the i phone, which is comming to cricket sometime soon.

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