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  1. goosebumps

    goosebumps Member

    Hi LG optimus net users
    I'm thinking of buying this LG smartphone , though LG is not very recommended i fing this smartphone theoreticly impressive considering it's price; from what i read the speed and ram are great (800 and 512 ) the battery is 1500mAh which is more then any other one is that range , yet it can't support adobe flash and it has a Cheap plastic design.
    btw: it's my first android , i have read a lot but i've never had one.

    so what do you think as experienced users about the phone , what are his pros and cons exactly?
    what's up with flash !? how is the internet browsing ? does it run apps properly?
    is what i read true ? and most imprtantly is it worth it?

  2. akashash5

    akashash5 Well-Known Member

    If you are on a tight budget then i suggest go for this phone. As my first android it was pretty worth it. Flash doesnt work cause it requires armv7 and this phone has armv6.
    cons: camera and flash.
    internet browsing is pretty good.
  3. meet5000

    meet5000 Well-Known Member

    I've been using LG Optimus Net since December 2011. It's very good phone, if your budget is low. It runs apps perfectly. I'm using Opera Mobile

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