Is it WORTH the upgrade from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean or IcecreamSandwhich?

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  1. VikAceB

    VikAceB New Member


    I am pretty new to the who rooting and upgrading manually to a new version of android.

    I don't care about the procedure... My question is whether it is worth all the effort to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy Ace S3850 to either of the android versions using root and ROM or not?


  2. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    Moved to All Things Root since this is root discussion. :)
  3. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Depends on what you want, since the rom is not officially supported by samsung and it is said to be incompatible with this device due to the low hardware specs there are a lots of pros and cons on using android 4.0+ on this phone.

    If you want a good battery life and a good performance, stick with gingerbread.
    If you are bored of the monotonous user interface and the old looks of the gingerbread and want something new and cool then switch to ics/jb, you will love the UI and the features but you will get a short battery life and may get some lags.

    P.S. You can get much better looks and performance on GB also if you use a custom rom, but the looks are still not as good JB roms, the entire interface makes quite a difference.
  4. VikAceB

    VikAceB New Member

    Hey thanks for answering my questions ... So it isn't worth upgrading it to IS/JB as the system isn't good enough to handle them and the battery life decreases?

    And also have you used any of the custom GB roms? And do they effect battery and lagging on the phone?

  5. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Like i said, there are advantages and there are disadvantages, its all upto you, if you can live with the shortfalls then go for it otherwise stick with GB.
    ICS/JB are very resource hungry systems, they are quite high on graphics as well, so in short they take up a lot of ram and hence the battery.

    I have used several GB roms, but mostly cyanogenmod based, i don't prefer stock based that much. Battery and lags are a simple compromise, if you want high performance and looks(graphics) then you will have to make do with decreased battery, custom roms are built to give the user something better than what the stock samsung is giving, that includes better performance, better looks and better features.
    You will never find a custom rom that gives a better battery life than stock, but you will also never find a custom rom that is not better than stock.
    If used wisely then you can easily get about 15-20 hours out of a custom GB rom.
    In short, custom is always better than stock, but choosing between 2.3 and 4.0 is up to you.
  6. shivani26

    shivani26 New Member

    i hav recently installed jb 4.2.2, cyanogenmod version 10.1 on my galaxy ace s5830.
    It works gr8, except for my battery shows ful chraged,but within 1-2 hrs it shows 30-50 %.
    I cant bear wit this prob, as i am travelling the day.
    Can u help me wit how i can degrade it to gingerbread or some other version that doesnt eat up my battery????
    Urgent help..plzzzzzzzzz
  7. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Only way to to go back to GB is either flash a custom gb rom or you can also flash the stock firmware via Odin, because you will not get very good battery on ICS/JB. Switch to GB if battery is your priority.

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