Is Maildroid Pro Worth the $17.99

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  1. edytwinky

    edytwinky Well-Known Member

    I saw there is a Maildroid Pro version for $17.99.

    Does anybody have this, do you find it worth the money?

    I'm not sure what exactly sets it apart to be worth $18.

  2. thrawn86

    thrawn86 Well-Known Member

    can't imagine it does more than k-9, but it looks solid at least.
  3. maildroiddev

    maildroiddev Well-Known Member

    The pro version is the same as the ad version but ad-free and has a few other minor things. Basically, if you like the ad version, the pro is faster and uses less CPU and memory because there are no ads.
  4. AngryHatter

    AngryHatter Well-Known Member

    You are also supporting the dev which encourages more updates.

    Within 10 minutes of setting up the free version, I went and bought it.
    It is the only mail app that actually works for me.
    My pop3, hotmail, Gmail - it receives and sends, no muss, no fuss.

    I would always get errors when trying to send through my pop3 and had to resort to forwarding through Gmail; which while it worked was a kludge.

    Since I bought the app in December I think it's been updated three times?
    And the dev answers emails very quickly.

    Short answer - yeah, it's worth the $17.99.
  5. edytwinky

    edytwinky Well-Known Member

    Thanks. This reply makes the decision that much easier for me
  6. stoneworrior

    stoneworrior New Member

    Yes it is worth it. I dont know how he/she is doing it but it is almost like push email for Blackberry. I set up the add version yesterday and set up all three accounts I use on a regular basis, Gmail, yahoo and msn. I then did the same thing with K-9. I started sending myself emails from my laptop to the different accounts throughout the day testing the speed at wich I received my emails. I always got my emails on MSN and Yahoo WAY before I did on K-9. That by itself was enough to sell me but I was missing one function that I really like in the gmail app so I emailed the developer today. I wanted to see if he/she could add the ability to select auto preview on attached photos just like in the official gmail mail app. not only did he/she say they would add the ability to select that option in later builds, they answered all of my questions within 15 minutes over several emails. So as far as I am concerned this is one awesome way to consolidate all of your email accounts into one application, opening room on your desktop for another icon. With this app you are getting almost Blackberry type pushed email. Dont believe me try the test yourself. Load K-9 and the add version of maildriod, you will see the difference. I did. Oh and another feature I forgot about, in settings you can set automated times at wich to receive notices. I have mine set to turn off audio alerts after 9pm and start back up at 7am. but I still get the blinking led so I can still look over at my phone to see if I have received any emails, awesome. And best of all the support from this person is second to none. I never thought an email app would be worth $17.99, I was wrong. This person has put so much work and thought into this application along with the support that comes with it, in my opinion it is worth every penny.
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  7. pulgoki

    pulgoki Well-Known Member

    Maybe the dev can answer a couple of questions for me. My experience has been quite different. Over the last couple of days I have been trying to get my email notifications to work properly. I have the app set up to check for email every 5 minutes. I was a bit confused by the sleep setting on the application but when I noticed that I would not receive any new mail notifications for hours some times, I changed the sleep setting to awake every 15 minutes and sent myself two test emails in a row. The first showed up after 1/2 hour but only after I woke the phone up manually, and I was still waiting for the second to come in after an hour. I then changed the setting to prevent sleeping. At that point I received an email after about 10 minutes.

    Does the sleep function work properly? Do you have to have it set to prevent to receive email in a timely fashion?

    This app is very well though out. I really like the way the spell checker was integrated in to the application. That alone makes it valuable for sending business email. Sending an email with spelling errors could be very costly. If I can figure out where my mail alert/checking issues are coming from and find out that it is from an improper setting then it gets my two thumbs up and I think would be worth every penny.
  8. SMD79

    SMD79 New Member

    Yes. It is worth it. Simply put, Maildroid is faster and better laid out than K9. K9 is not bad by any means, but Maildroid is better for several reasons. The pro version will stay close to the free version in features, but not having ads will speed up the app even more! "10 fold" according to the developer. Two things don't get commented on in various forums about Maildroid:

    1) YAHOO MAIL!!!, gmail, and hotmail, etc. are all PUSHED to your phone...just like blackberry. Not "pull every 5 minutes" but an immediate push! My biggest issue with other android email apps was working with Yahoo mail...this one rocks! Plus, its faster than K9.

    2) Communication with the DEVELOPER! Try the free app. If you wish their were a feature, email the developer! You can contact him REALLY easily and he responds within like an hour and answers all your questions directly. He doesn't brush you off. He doesn't try to push his Pro version AT ALL either which took me by surprise when going back and forth with him. He wants people to try the free app...get to like it and if they wanna support "the cause" and have no ads, then go ahead and go pro. If you email the guy, he listens and takes note of what you "wish" the app could do, and actually implements them. My one big thing that I felt was missing from Maildroid was a unread email widget...and lo and behold, the developer confirmed that hes working on it right now. Look, the guy even responded to this forum above "maildroiddev"...he's actively out there looking to help people and make this app continually better.

    Fact is K9 had a huge head start on Maildroid so there are more customization options...but Maildroid is already faster, looks better, and handles email like I was used to on my blackberry for the last 3 years and in some ways, even better. That, and the developers accessibility and eagerness to continually make it better, is why I think it is definitely worth the 17.99 to upgrade to pro.

    FYI: I spent hours looking through forums on a good email app for android and had I read a post like this one, I would've made the decision to try Maildroid sooner. Hopefully this helps others out there either having trouble saying goodbye to Blackberry, or not being totally happy with their current android email app.
  9. itisjustme

    itisjustme Well-Known Member

    Im an ardent k9 mail user and I have been since I first started using android. I have been generally very happy with k9 but lately I have been having some issues sending certain mail, all I get is a generic error from K9 saying some mail could not be sent. Well from reading this post I decided to download a copy of maildroid and I tested sending some mail I was having issues with. They all send fine, now in just 5 minuets of testing I bought the pro version.
  10. lefaver

    lefaver New Member

    Hi, I am new to the forum, does maildroid have the ability to store messages on and sdcard? I have about 10,000 emails that use about 1.4GB of space. This is why I am looking for a Galaxy Tab email client that stores messages to the sdcard.

    Thanks - Lloyd
  11. ntice

    ntice Member

    Does maildroid pro allow you to set up folders and filter by rules to different folders like outlook or the native mac mail application?
  12. allana13

    allana13 Member

    I will vouch for Maildroid 100%

    i have a ornage barcelon and wanted a email app since the built ib one doesnt work properly with Yahoo.

    I previously owned a nokia E71 and had the client seven communication which was a very good push email client,unfortunately they dont do email clients for android. I think they have moved away from email.

    i searched and installed most email providers mentioned on several forums before installing Maildroid. it is an honest pleasure to use maildroid. I have the free version though but it works without a fault. Once i change my phone to a faster one proberbly the samsung galaxy note i will get the paid version of maildroid as it a much better than the ones out there 100%

  13. Evak

    Evak Member

    I use the free version but intend to buy pro. Maildroid is similar to k9 but the dev isn't lazy or stubborn and makes sure things like push mail for yahoo works flawlessly despite using a non standard protocol. K9's author refused because yahoo wasn't standard. And sets all related bug requests to ignore on the tracker. Since old sbc, pacbell and regular att isp's. In the USA use yahoo email servers, k9 can't push mail to those domains. Polling every 5 mins is old hat, pushing and Imap is so much faster and more convenient on mobile devices.
  14. rldev

    rldev Well-Known Member

    How does one submit a support request to maildroid? I bought pro and have a problem that when I delete an email the "From" from the deleted email, becomes the "from" for the previous email. If I restart Maildroid Pro, it goes away, but it is really annoying. Otherwise it is great for sure.
  15. AngryHatter

    AngryHatter Well-Known Member

    Isn't there a "contact us," button within the app?

    Open Maildroid - Menu/About then scroll to the bottom where you'll find his email link.
  16. rldev

    rldev Well-Known Member

  17. allana13

    allana13 Member

    Will defo go for Mail droid over K9
    Updates every few weeks from Droid.

    Best Email app i have ever used. Better then Black Berry.
  18. gsuemnic

    gsuemnic Well-Known Member

    Newbie to MD here.
    I have 6 email accounts. Can I set one of them to be my default account like I did in another email app or is that not needed with MD?
  19. maildroiddev

    maildroiddev Well-Known Member

    Yes, look under global preferences
  20. didier9

    didier9 New Member

    I agree with most of the good things said about Maildroid. I also bought the paid version hours after installing the free one.
    I have been running K-9 and Maildroid in parallel for about a month. Both apps look after all my mail accounts (7 in total, a mix of gmail (2), yahoo (1), hotmail (1), webdav (1) and pop (2)). For that one month, I have used Maildroid almost exclusively to read mail (and download attachments and longer messages), K-9 has been just collecting mail in the background. After about a month, K-9 had used about 115MB of data while Maildroid had used about 30MB.
    That to me is significant. For the moment, I have unlimited data, but that will end in a couple of years. By then, the lower data usage will be very important to me. Of course, the speed improvement of Maildroid over K-9 is also significant. I get most messages as fast on the phone as I get them on the desktop. It seems the battery usage is also lower for Maildroid, but not very significantly so (4% versus 5%, based on the battery app in my Droid Razr)
    One problem: as of now, Maildroid does not seem to support appointments sent from an Exchange account to my Webdav account. Not sure why, I have asked the question from the developper.
  21. vhl71

    vhl71 Active Member

    give inomail a try..i like its UI a lot..
  22. maildroiddev

    maildroiddev Well-Known Member

    MD allows to open ics invitation attachments. If you are seeing an error, please email me directly at my gmail account. Parsing invitations is in beta mode now, so there are some bugs.
  23. gsuemnic

    gsuemnic Well-Known Member

    Can each mailbox/account have a different sync timing or is it 'one for all" synce setting ?

    Can syncing for 'all accounts' be turned off quickly ?

    Don't want to waste any of my precious 4g airtime !!

    Finally, I have 2 Andriod devices, can I use the paid version on both or will I need to shell out $ 35.80 ?
  24. maildroiddev

    maildroiddev Well-Known Member

    1. Yes, each can have its own
    2. It is all defined in a rule per account
    3. Yes, you can as long as you have the same account you bought it with on both devices.
  25. namoroman

    namoroman Well-Known Member

    I downloaded the free version to try it out. Love it so far. Just a question. Is push mail the default on all account types? I found something in the settings that said something about 15 minutes.

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