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Is my A100 an odd breed?Support

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  1. mgordon1100

    mgordon1100 Member

    I got this A100 to replace the Kindle Fire. Entering my second week, and deadline for returning it, I found that I really wanted some more hardware options that the Kindle lacked. The A100 seemed to be the best bang for the buck, until I read after purchasing that it only has four and half hours battery life.

    So, I got to putting it to the test. Same test I did with the Kindle showed that I have 7 hours of video watching. Same movie file and same app, I calculated the A100 will give me 6 hours, or very close to it. I can live with that. Also, I seem to have 12.7 gig of internal space. Right now with a couple of apps installed, I have 12.45 gig free. In the device information, it says Rom Size 16gig and Ram Size 1 gig. Norton Utilities is reporting that I have only 725meg of ram.

    Does any of this sound odd?

  2. mgordon1100

    mgordon1100 Member

    It's been a couple of days now, and I asked a serious question. Why does it appear to me that my A100 is out of specs, or is it normal? 126 views. I realize that a whole bunch of viewers may not even be members, but some of you must be.

    Also, I don't see this forum getting much traffic. Is it because very few people have the A100? I couldn't find it in any of the stores around here. They tell me it's a hot item. What's up with that?
  3. mamawm

    mamawm Well-Known Member

    sorry no one has responded to you yet, but they probably just didn't quite know how to answer. none of the specs seem out of the ordinary to me. i'm not enough of a techie to explain how acer allocates the available 16 gig, on my 8 gig version, it shows 271 mg used and 5.2gb free. also, to up the battery life just a little, i installed wifi toggle widget and just cut off wifi when i'm going to put the tablet down for a while. every little bit helps.
  4. mrpnut

    mrpnut THE WORLD IS YOURS VIP Member

    wats up bro well i also have acer iconia a100 running ics rom 4.0.3 and i could say that my battery is Pretty good I'm getting about 8 hrs its pretty good i like it
  5. mgordon1100

    mgordon1100 Member

    I'm just going to respond to both of you in one post.

    Mamawm, it appears that you have a missing 3 gig. Of course, it's not missing, and is just being used by the OS. But, if I don't dwell on the exact numbers, I can say that I have somewhere around the ballpark of 3 gig missing off of a 16 gig A100. What's puzzling, is that I'm only supposed to have 8. It says so in the system information. I believe that the system information is just hard coded onto that screen, and not reporting what it finds the system to actually have. So, I come back to the title of my post. It would appear that my "8 gig" a100 was fitted with more on accident.

    MrPnut, great name. How do you know you get 8 hours of battery life? My test that showed 6 hours, was done running a movie, then estimating by calculation. I figure that running a movie has to be the biggest killer on battery life, because you'll have the screen on the whole time, as well as using audio constantly. It's not unthinkable to get 8 hours of just playing around with something here and there. Mine is going on 12 hours now, but I didn't play with it much tonight. If you got 8 hours of video playing, then I guess the batteries are not consistent in these things. I don't mind getting just under 6 hours under that load. First of all, I'm not going to be sitting somewhere for 6 hours watching movies and not be able to charge it. Secondly, the Kindle Fire only tested at 7. I'm just glad that it's doing better than the reviews are saying.

    In the long run, I believe I made a better trade up. The Kindle Fire hardware doesn't compare to what I got with this thing. Now I know why they say it's just an e-book reader, even though it's still a tablet running Android. I did by the thing used for 225 shipped. Only 10 bucks more than the Kindle with tax. For all I know, someone did something with it. I just know that buying it that way, I'd better be happy with it. The screen thing isn't even that bad because it's only one side that has a narrow viewing angle.
  6. mgordon1100

    mgordon1100 Member

    Updated information.

    OK, now this is starting to make sense. I have the 16 gig A100. I was supposed to be getting, and paid for, the 8 gig. Lucky me, huh? I just upgraded to the ICS, and Device Info is showing me the real information now. I'll do another battery life test now to see if ICS is better on the battery. Now I'm really happy I dumped the Kindle Fire. Come to learn I can even get Kindle books, free and for pay, with the Kindle app. I'd go as far as saying that Amazon dropped the ball here, but there are plenty of lemmings out there who will just buy Amazon products. They do have a better looking screen, that's the only thing, but I can live with this. :)
  7. mamawm

    mamawm Well-Known Member

    Some people just have all the luck. Congratulations to you. And just a heads up, amazon has had the kindle app available in the market for a long time. It came preinstalled on my bionic too. And the barns and noble nook app is also free in the market. Android devices are truly the most versitle e-readers.

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