Is my battery faulty?

  1. punk_beatz

    punk_beatz Member

    Hi guys,

    Got my Desire a couple of days ago and i love it, but I'm seriously disappointed with the battery life. I knew it wouldn't be amazing but I expected a full day of use. Here's what I got yesterday:

    10 hours of battery life. This was with brightness turned all the way down except for occasionally turning it up as it was sunny outside. Automatic sync was off, Gps was off, WiFi was off, Bluetooth was off and I was checking the phone every 30 mins or so for no longer than 4 mins. I updated Twitter each time, took a few pics and replied to a couple of texts.

    I gave the phone a full charge last night and this morning I've been using it with WiFi on to update contacts and the brightness is about 70%. After 25 mins of use the battery is down from 97% to 82%.

    Any thoughts?

    Is there something wrong with my battery?

  2. WozzaTT

    WozzaTT Well-Known Member

    Sounds pretty normal I'm afraid - battery life is the main thing that's making me think I won't keep mine.

    We'll have to hope that the claims that battery life improves after a few weeks of use are true, although this is probably just because inevitably people use their phone less after the first couple of weeks of 'playing' with it and setting it up how they want it.

    Seems the only solution is to have it on charge whenever you can i.e. at home, at work, in the car. Not really mobile then though is it!
  3. punk_beatz

    punk_beatz Member

    I really hope it gets better because it's much, much worse than I was told to expect. My girlfriend has a HTC Tattoo and her battery life was terrible at first but after a few weeks of charging it improved hugely. Fingers crossed this does...
  4. Wardogz

    Wardogz Well-Known Member

    It will improve after a few weeks, my battery now lasts one and a half days easily.

    Are you guys leaving 3g on? try to leave it on GSM only when you don't need 3g. There is a widget on the market place that allows you to switch between the two quickly.

    Try turning off any auto weather updates and make sure in the settings menu that you have turned off always on mobile data.
  5. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    I leave weather (3 hour updates), sync and 3G on and can last a day+ easily.

    Turning off always on data seems to use MORE power if you have widgets updating. My battery whilst trying for 24 hours with always on mob data set to off was truely shocking.

    Juice defender is also pants for saving power from experience.
  6. Wardogz

    Wardogz Well-Known Member

    Hmm that's odd because when i turned it off my battery improved a hell of alot. But then I don't have many widgets that need updating. But that general rule is the more widgets/apps that you have updating the more battery power is needed.

    I agree with you on Juice defender, I didn't notice any improvements with it.
  7. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    Certainly on Tmobile, as I am, it uses more in the connecting and disconnecting. JD simply amplified this.

    If you have apps like FB updating hourly or less then sure you'll save power. But you can sort that out easily yourself without turning always data off ;)

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