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  1. tmags2

    tmags2 Active Member

    I bought a used Galaxy Note 4G LTE (at&t). The previous owner used a Straight Talk sim card. When I bought the Note I also used Straight Talk for a couple months. I have a friend who would like to buy my Note if it is Unlocked. How do I know if it is unlocked?

  2. Kyrotech

    Kyrotech Well-Known Member

    you can always just put another SIM card other than AT&T, if it works then it should be unlocked...
  3. tmags2

    tmags2 Active Member

    Not totally sure what you mean by if it works. I did put an old Verizon sim card in and got the screen: Enter Network Lock Control Key

    Now I know Verizon won't work because it's CMDA.

    I have used Straight Talk on this Phone, so does that mean it is unlocked?
  4. lsutigers03

    lsutigers03 Well-Known Member

    I think AT&T phones work without unlocking on Straight Talk. Put in a T-Mobile sim and if it doesn't ask you for a code when you turn it on then it's unlocked.
  5. tmags2

    tmags2 Active Member

    Now I understand. Next question, if I go to T-Mobile, will they just give me one or do they charge for them? Do i then have to sign up for service at that time?

  6. lsutigers03

    lsutigers03 Well-Known Member

    If you want to just unlock the phone I would try to find a friend with a T-Mobile sim. I don't think T-Mobile will give you one to just unlock an AT&T phone but who knows maybe someone that works there will let you do it. You'll also need the unlock code either from AT&T or from a pay site.
  7. chriskwarren

    chriskwarren Active Member

    Head to your local mall and ask a mobile store if they can check for you (if you can't find a friend who currently has a GSM phone).

    In my area, there is a mobile accessory store who pointed me to a Fido booth that did it for anyone no problem.
  8. Kyrotech

    Kyrotech Well-Known Member

    sorry, I meant, put another SIM card from a different provider and try to make a call, if it goes through, then you have an unlocked phone
  9. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    so now i'm really confused.

    i was originally thinking of picking up one of these, but didn't know which one:


    so i decided to call Verizon. i ended up speaking with a Verizon Global Representative earlier today. i gave her the situation of traveling outside the US and purchasing this phone. she told me that if i bought an International Unlocked Galaxy Note, i could activate it on Verizon because of its LTE compatibility and quad-band.

    but then researching online, and this post, it's not possible?

    any feedback would be much appreciated.
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  10. Kyrotech

    Kyrotech Well-Known Member

    Quick resume -

    the i7000 is 4g only and the i717 is LTE/4g compatible

    you can always just pick up a Note i717 and have it unlocked via any website or your local cellular accessory shop
  11. QueenSahara

    QueenSahara New Member

    Hi, I have this Galaxy Note from AT&T. Is it true that I only need to put the StraightTalk sim in and that there is no need for unlocking since ST and AT&T use the same towers?
  12. LittleRedDot

    LittleRedDot Well-Known Member

    The real question is why do you want to sell your note at all?
  13. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Well-Known Member

    Well straight talk has a sim specially for AT&T so you won't have to unlock it.
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  14. QueenSahara

    QueenSahara New Member

    Hi, will I be able to text and send/receive pics (mms) and use the data without doing any fancy configuring? (to my Galaxy Note)
  15. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Well-Known Member

    You will only have to set your apn which is really simple

    Edit: you can use this app called tweakker that sets the apn you can get it on the play store here ------>

    It will be under other
  16. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Well-Known Member

    Ok so i just got my att card today and i activated it really simple just a few clicks some info and u was done. I used thecar on my still locked att phone and i set the apn with the app easily.

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