Is my Galaxy Tab 8.9 made for England?Support

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  1. bbcamp2

    bbcamp2 Member

    I just bought a Tab 8.9 from one of Amazon's many vendors (US based, I think). First thing I noticed was the AC adapter came with a UK plug. The second was that it defaulted to English (UK) keyboard and language. Third, I haven't received any software upgrades to ICS. How can I tell if I got a UK version, if there is such a thing?

  2. futureMike7

    futureMike7 New Member

    Sounds like you have got one set for UK if it came with a standard UK plug.

    ICS is a sore point. It has been promised, but never delivered to UK Tab 8.9.
  3. bbcamp2

    bbcamp2 Member

    Samsung's US based chat help suggested I contact Samsung UK. I did, and they are asking for serial number and some other number that I didn't know. Continueing the discussion at snail's pace as we exchange e-mails.

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