Is my Mytouch 4g the old verison??Support

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  1. phonelove

    phonelove Member

    I was youtubing some video on my
    Mytouch 4g and I noticed this girl
    was talking about hers, and she was looking through it and
    she clicked on the Software and it said
    Im like WTF mine says 2.2.1,
    anyways am I running an old version?
    And if so can anyone help me, I was the newer one
    PPLEASE!!!! ​

  2. jrizal

    jrizal Active Member

    Yes. That is the older version of Android in your phone. Go or call your nearest T-Mobile corporate store (not authorized retailer) and have your phone upgraded. Surely you missed the OTA update.
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  3. Anges

    Anges Well-Known Member

    You can't go to T-Mo and ask them to upgrade your phone in the store. It is now all over the air (OTA) and *supposedly* you will get a text message instructing you how to do it.

    I waited for the first OTA (last year) and it never happened. I then went to the store and the said that they stopped doing it and now there is a *newer* update coming. After another 2 months of waiting that text message still never arrived. So I took matters into my own hands and I have now gone with a custom ROM.

    You could trying to call customer support and verify you are on the *list*.

    Good luck
  4. Genome

    Genome Member

    Yes I have the same problem. I have this phone but have 2.2.1. my contract ends on March 5th but I want to keep this phone because I like it and go with Tmobile no contract service. I just want the latest android.

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