IS my phone borked?Support

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  1. Titanis

    Titanis Member

    So I was using the phone, listening to a podcast when the audio started to cut out. The phone was acting sluggish so I rebooted it. Now it stops booting at the slash screen and won't go any farther. I was able to open clock work recovery one time, but the menu key wouldn't work so I couldn't do anything. Another strange thing, the notification light was bright red when I but the battery back in, even without powering on the phone. That light has since turned green. Several more reboots went straight to the download mode screen, but now it just sits at the splash screen no matter what buttons I press. Any idea what happened? So strange that it would fall apart in my hand after nine months of use.

  2. Rcarnes91

    Rcarnes91 Well-Known Member

    I would call and get another one from virgin since you only had it for 9 months they should cover it free
  3. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    Sure sounds like you're having some kind of hardware issue...

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