Is my phone bricked?

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  1. rcpalmer1

    rcpalmer1 New Member

    I bought my Epic already rooted. I liked not having all the blotware. It has been stating it needed a system update then reboots and then fail. I should have just posted on here. Instead I read several treads and tried to manually update it. I installed clockworkmod. Did a backup and was following the direction to wipe the cache. I Had to go to the advance menu to wipe the Dalvik cache. I clicked the back button to get to the previous screen. it didn't go back so I clicked it again. It then rebooted and came to the Samsung screen and freezes. Is this what is meant by bricking a phone and is the phone now trash or is there a way to fix it?

  2. guyphs

    guyphs Well-Known Member

    Pull the battery, and hold vol - and power. Can you boot into download mode? If so, try to run odin on your machine and see if it will recognize the phone. If so you can probably flash a kernel with recovery and see if that will unstick it.
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  3. rcpalmer1

    rcpalmer1 New Member

    I pulled the battery. Put it back in. Held the vol- and power. It just goes to the black screen with Samsung on it and the 4 buttons on the bottom light up.

    Are there any other suggestions. If not I guess I will be running by the sprint store after work to pick up another one.
  4. ogfrier

    ogfrier Member

    you can buy whats called a usb jig on amazon for like 3 bucks and it helps unbrick. its just a little jig that fits into your charge port and forces it into download mode. i would recommend getting that if you dont have insurance or warranty and either way its rooted and they wont fix it if theres a download count on the phone.
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  5. rcpalmer1

    rcpalmer1 New Member

    I got a jig ordered. Thanks. I had went by and had sprint give me a new phone. It will be nice to get this one fixed for a backup.
  6. rcpalmer1

    rcpalmer1 New Member

    I got the USB jig in. I plugged it in and the phone started in the download mode. When I remove the jig and connect the phone to my computer I get a windows message saying that it can't recognize the usb device. Any suggestion would be a great help.
  7. guyphs

    guyphs Well-Known Member

    Install Kies.

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