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  1. Andy_Elvis

    Andy_Elvis Member

    Hey all,

    My wifi on my Legend is full on ruining my phone. I get application failure messages for wifi and the wireless and networks settings (have to force close them)

    and for problem 2, my phone won't put any text into text fields. E.g. - for a text message, i can type a word, but it wont come up in the message box....


    It was fine up untill a few hours ago.... (we had been messing with the wifi, but i wouldn't have thought that would affect the phone like it is doing..)

  2. Andy_Elvis

    Andy_Elvis Member

    a power off and on seems to have fixed it......

    I didn't like it....
  3. Mr.Derringer

    Mr.Derringer Well-Known Member

    So you didn't try that before posting?
  4. Andy_Elvis

    Andy_Elvis Member

    I did, it didn't work neumerous times,

    It seems it's only a small temp fix.

    The black screen is annoying..... mobile networks are fine, but anytime i try to do anythign with wifi it crashes...and when wifi is on the settings don't load....

    also, can you download apps with 3G? because I can't seem to download any...
  5. anandroiduser

    anandroiduser Well-Known Member

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