Is my plan ok? (Ontario)

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  1. djdestroyer

    djdestroyer New Member

    - 200 local minutes
    - 100 bonus minutes
    - 200 Canadian long-distance minutes
    - 500mb of data
    - Unlimited text/picture messaging
    - Unlimited evenings/weekends (starting early at 6pm)
    - Family Calling
    - Conference calling/call display/caller ID/call waiting/voicemail 10
    - International Data Roaming
    - International Voice Roaming
    - FIM $15 - 3 years free (no idea what this even is?)

    I pay $65.80 every month (included charges, taxes, etc.)

    Am I about on par with the rest of you or am I getting ripped off? I've heard a lot about Wind, mobilicty, Koodo and the like so I want to gauge myself. I use to have free incoming calls as well but they took it away... no idea why but I tried to complain to no avail.

    Let me know!

  2. GalaxyEuropa

    GalaxyEuropa Well-Known Member

    I dont know if this is comparable as i live i the UK.

    - 300mins
    - Unlimited texts
    - 500mb Data
    - 30 free mms msgs

  3. iWhatever

    iWhatever New Member

    Seriously check out Mobilicity if you live in one of their zones! I was with Rogers for 25 years or so getting a special rate but Mobilicity blew them out of the water. I now have unlimited Everything (Data, North American L/D, Global Texting, etc. etc. ) basically for $40.00 + GST monthly. My rate is guaranteed not to increase also. Wait for a promotion though. They also have a great affiliation with T-mobile for extremely affordable roaming while State-side.

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