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  1. nickvrett

    nickvrett New Member

    so I just received my amaze 4g, and I noticed that there are some kind of light lines going across the screen that can only be seen on light displays (white colours). Once i turned off my screen I noticed a square grid pattern in certain angles. Is my lcd messed up or this normal?

  2. pantlesspenguin

    pantlesspenguin Well-Known Member

    I kind of have the same problem and I certainly don't think it's normal. Mine shows up as light blue horizontal lines on the screen. I thought I could only see them in direct sunlight but I realized that sometimes I can see them normally. Definitely contact tmo, because at this time its not a known issue with these phones unlike the light bleed and battery life.
  3. Tauro-FC

    Tauro-FC Member

    Well I only see vertical lines on mines, when my screen is off and only at certain angles under the right lighting conditions. Its normal, what's not normal is seen those lines with the screen on because I don't see it on mine.
  4. BillM.

    BillM. New Member

    I definitely think it's a defective screen. Call customer support and explain the situation.
  5. lapolla22

    lapolla22 Member

    I just bought my Htc Amaze on 1/28/2012 and I can also see the blue lines whenever Im in direct sunlight.Is this normal?

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