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is my Triumph brickedSupport

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  1. KushSHinobi

    KushSHinobi New Member

    i previously installed cm7 on my triumph and it was working flawlessly... absolutely nothing was buggy really except youtube.. i was sleeping and my phone was about to die so i fell on asleep and left it... i woke up and it was completely dead so i tried to charge it and NOTHING happens... wont turn on or charging light wont come on... HELP

  2. magohn

    magohn Well-Known Member

    Happened to me once. I pulled the battery and reinserted it back after 2 mins and phone came back to life.

    Hope this helps...
  3. ohno900

    ohno900 Member

    Have you tried what magohn suggested?

    This happened to me too before (under stock Android). I had to call Virgin for a replacement. My word of advice, call and get a replacement. When did you buy the phone? They replaced mine but because I was in the 30 days of purchase. They might replace yours because the reps know that this is a common problem with this phone. Other than that, I wouldn't know what else to do.
  4. lol.

    this is a common problem with a lot of phones.

    its not really a "problem"

    its that, the battery gets to a certain point and the phone shuts off, but the software cant always tell where a "safe" point is to turn off the phone. the ideal method is to turn it off when the battery is low enough that it can still turn on once its plugged into power.

    sometimes the way the software calculates how low the battery is doesnt work correctly, so if the phone thinks the device is at 5% but the battery is actually closer to 1%, then the phone shuts off when the battery is truly dead and it wont turn on.

    when you plug in the phone from a dead state, it recognizes a charge, but uses the batterys own power to turn on and enter the OS if possible or the recovery firmware (that battery charge screen you see when a phone is not booted into android but still on and charging)

    when it seems like the phone wont turn on, its becuase it cant start up under its own power. that doesnt mean its broken, its still charging even if you cant tell.

    the best way to fix this is to keep it plugged in, walk away for an hour or so, come back later and bam! it will be on!

    I've seen this happen on way too many phones and other devices for it to be an issue.

    yes, it happened to my triumph, it was low, i fell asleep, woke up totally dead, wouldnt start or do anything. plugged it in and didnt start either. I almost, ALMOST panicked for a second until I remembered this happens to a lot of devices.

    I left my phone at home, went out to eat, came back 2 hours later and it was charging and loaded into android.
  5. KushSHinobi

    KushSHinobi New Member

    I hope this works...I'm going to leave my phone on charge for a while and see what happens...I ordered a replacement from virgin mobile but that's taking forever so hopefully it comes on thanks for the help you guys could give

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