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Is performance affected by temperature?Support

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  1. cronos77

    cronos77 Member


    I'm wondering if my Galaxy S3 LTE have an issue when temperature raise up or all SIII suffer from performance loss when temperature is raising up.

    I would like people who own a Galaxy S3 LTE --US or CND-- to post their Quadrant Scores here.

    After using my S3 for some times, if I run Quadrant, a benchmark tool, the score I got is much lower than when he is being idle for some time.

    From the test I ve seen, I should get a scores of approx 5000. But if I run a Quadrant after being idle for a long time, I get a scores of 4800-5300. But if I use it for some times, and try to benchmark it: I would get between 3800 and 4300. Which is frustrating...

    Energy saver is turned Off and my Phone was resetted to factory default.

    I am afraid that the phone is lowering down the clock speed when it get a certain temp threshold... which is not very high.

    Quadrant scores after being Idle: 4800-5300
    Quadrant scores after some intensive use: 3800-4300
    thanks for the help
    p.s:Quadrant is free on Google Play.

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    What does it matter about quadrant anyway? Its not realistic. Only worry if the phone feels slow
  3. cronos77

    cronos77 Member

    I understand, but I just bought the phone, I have 15 days to exchange it if it has an issue, I want to make sure it is normal.

    Some old thread on others forums are reporting people with bad quadrant score at high phone temperature, as soon as they they changed their phone thebad quadrant score and high temp was gone.
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Quadrant wont tell you anything as there are too many variables to affect the score.

    The CPU is throttled under high temperatures, yes. That is normal.

    Although you have 15 days to exchange your phone for another model all together, Over heating would be covered by manufacturers warranty which would give you a year to get it replaced.
  5. cronos77

    cronos77 Member

    I know, It is not absolutely reliable : it can be affected by many things. But numbers are not that different between people. It can be used to compare performance. If people are telling me that they are getting a scores of 5000 even when their phone is hot, I will simply ask the clerk at the stores to change my phone. Otherwise, I'll keep it.

    In my case, the threshold seems too low, approx. 33 celcius for battery temperature. Below 33 celcius, the phone score 5300 in Quadrant. But after 5 minutes of youtube --and 33-34 celcius-- and scores at 3800-4300. And I don't know any other way to know if it is correct or not. If I restart the phones, when it ishot, it is also scores around 4000.
  6. cronos77

    cronos77 Member

    I thought about it, one of the best test would be to record/monitor the CPU frequency and CPU usage while playing games or watching HD movie. That way, I would be certain if the phone is defective or not.

    Do you know any apps that can do that?
  7. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    I use SetCPU which monitors this but its a root only app as it controls overclocking etc.
    However, found this CPU Temp System Widget on Play and put it on my homescreen. It seemed to mirror SetCPU quite well.

    SetCPU is on the right so the left is what you'd have (forget the whole top half of the screen, thats something else)...

  8. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    OK, just ran several Quadrant benchmarks back to back.
    At 31 degrees in order of run>> 4899>5051>4948.

    After viewing 10 minutes of Youtube.
    At 33 degrees in order of run>> 5073>5104>5186.

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