Is safe to root my samsung galaxy note?

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  1. omarss92

    omarss92 New Member

    I had iphone4 and im familiar with jailbreaking and I've done it more than once before. But I want to know how to root my samsung galaxy note and is it safe or not? Anyways Im living in Egypt so I bought the international one, so do I really need to root the phone or not? Does it allow downloading applications for free like the jailbreak or not? Will it fix the lags that I heard about the note when scrolling down and while playing some games? Thanks a lot

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Rooting allows deeper access to the system, but unrooted android can do many things you need to jailbreak an iPhone for.

    You can install free apps anyway. If you mean installing paid apps for free that would be illegal and forum rules forbid discussion of it.

    You almost certainly can improve performance with the customisations that rooting makes possible.

    I'd suggest visiting the Galaxy Note All Things Root forum to learn more. Rooting is different for different devices, so it's best to speak to people who know your device.
  3. omarss92

    omarss92 New Member

    Thanks for your help.

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