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Is sIMple Mobile better than MetroPCS? Is it worth the switch?

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  1. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Well-Known Member

    Hi y'all.

    First of all, I can't join the Simple Mobile forum All Discussions - We use SIMple Mobile., for weeks there has been this error message: An internal error occurred: 4B48772A02488.A142BD6.945 and no CAPTCHA so new users cannot join. Too bad because there seems to be more action there than in this sub-forum.

    So I've been pretty happy with MetroPCS, but I like the idea of having the SIM chip. A couple of months ago I spent some time out of the country and buying a pre-paid SIM and slipping it into my phone sounds like a good idea.

    I get 3G on Metro for $50 per month, unlimited text/talk/web. SIMple mobile seems to be offering the same thing for $40 per month, and then on the web I've read things about their unlimited web is not really unlimited.

    So is it worth it to switch? I do research on the web, but don't stream any audio/video.

    Is the coverage as good?

    How is the tech help in those instances where you need tech help?

    Has anybody made used both? If so - comparison?


  2. djjuls305

    djjuls305 Member

    100000000000000x better
  3. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Well-Known Member


    I wonder if there is any way to test signal strength before making the switch. I get 1 bar of MetroPCS inside my house and 3 or 4 outside. I'd hate to switch to something less.
  4. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Well-Known Member

    And what makes SIMple Mobile better than MetroPCS?

    (other than the SIM chip technology, which I really like).
  5. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Well-Known Member

    250 views so far and nobody can tell me why SIMple Mobile is better than MetroPCS???

    Doesn't say much for SIMple Mobile
  6. mteezey

    mteezey Well-Known Member

    For one I know simple mobile uses tmobiles network. Which has to be a plus . I myself am a metro user but refuse to.buy metro branded phones. So I'm considering making the switch to boost and keeping my EVO3d or buying like a galaxy s2 and flash to simple. I'm sure however simples data speeds are throttled to relieve network congestion for actual tmobile users. Depending on what phone you use on metro I'm sure you will see a large improvement in 3g speeds since theirs aren't very fast( for the few that get it). Anyways I would check tmobiles coverage for your area. That will give you a better idea of how good your coverage will be. If you do make the switch I'm sure you wont be disappointed and I'm sure over time their coverage will improve(same goes for metro though). Hope this helped ..
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  7. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    tmobile coverage area
    Unsupported Browser

    simple mobile coverage area


    not the same.

    one question i have is that simplemobile boasts 42.2mbps speeds for their $60 unlimited plan. is anyone who is on that plan getting those types of speeds? i also hear that those on this plan get throttled after a few GBs. is this also true?
  8. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Well-Known Member

    I decided to stay with MetroPCS.

    I get unlimited talk/text/web at 3G speeds for $50/month flat (tax included). The SIMPle Mobile salesman says all I can get from SIM here is 3G.

    MetroPCS will give me 4G for $60/month or 4G with a 1Gig stream then throttle back for $50/month.

    I am happy with 3G speeds. I work out of my home where there are a few computers on DSL and they have better speakers than my phone, so streaming in 4G is not an issue with me. I have an iPod with 10,000 tunes on it so when riding in the car I'm entertained by my iPod.

    Since nobody can give me any clear cut advantage of going with SIMple Mobile, I'll stick with MetroPCS. I'm actually satisfied with the service, and happy with the flat rate.
  9. qlic714

    qlic714 Member

    Just picked up a plan on my samsung vibrant works great and the price is even better. $40 flat.
  10. dkgmax

    dkgmax New Member

    metropcs offers unlimited everything, however simple mobile caps off after certain 'excessive' usage
  11. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    you cant tether(legally) with metro but thats the same for most of the other companies.
  12. ohyeahyeah

    ohyeahyeah Member

    I just had SimpleMobile for two weeks, been working great, calling and texting work really well for me, very happy with it so far.. don't know about Metro tho, cuz I never had one. I had Sprint and VirginMobile before - meh IMO.
  13. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    I would think about going with simple mobile for the ability to flash phones but I'm not sure about the quality of their data service.
  14. cholo323

    cholo323 Member

    Trust me it is way better than metro pcs you wont regret it trust me
  15. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    What speeds are you getting with SM? do they throttle?
  16. cholo323

    cholo323 Member

    Nope they dont throttle and i get 15mbps + nothing lower i told you T-Mobile is better (simple mobile runs on the T-Mobile network)
  17. cholo323

    cholo323 Member

    And in order to get up to 42 mbps you have to have a Samsung Galaxy S II or there most recent phone the highest ive gotten is 36.97 mbps
  18. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    so you've been able to download to your hearts content and never got slowed down? have you tethered as well?
  19. cholo323

    cholo323 Member

    Yup ive tethered so many times and used so many gigs tethering and nothing has happened yet
  20. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    Where do you live? I've seen plenty of YouTube videos that attest to the contrary. One video did show someone with fast speed but he did something to his settings to bypass something.
  21. cholo323

    cholo323 Member

    I live in Los Angeles but got those results in San Francisco when visiting.family
  22. shewanna

    shewanna New Member

    I switced from tmobile to simple on august 23rd..and its been okay..i got the $50 plan..and ive used about 2 gbs and havent been throttled or had my data shut off and that was one of my biggest concerns..i tethered twice but only for like a minute just to upload data to my desktop
  23. shewanna

    shewanna New Member

    I switced from tmobile to simple on august 23rd..and its been okay..i got the $50 plan..and ive used about 2 gbs and havent been throttled or had my data shut off and that was one of my biggest concerns..i tethered twice but only for like a minute just to upload data to my desktop
  24. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Well-Known Member

    I stayed with Metro on the 50/month plan. They tell me when I reach the 2.5GB 4G limit they will txt me and ask if I want to buy more or get reduced to 3G. So far I haven't heard from them.

    I like the SIM concept, but right now I am sticking with what I have. SIMple might be better, but MetroPCS is good enough for now.


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