is that real or rumor ?

  1. vanGoaL

    vanGoaL Member


    in my opinian it is a rumor !

    1- how its come big company like samsung will present only 2 devices in such event !! in adition the 2 devices related together !

    2- Galaxy tab released 3 months ago how its come to design the next generation for this device in this short period for no reason specialy when the rumor said that the new tab will run android 2.3 not 3.0 lol !!

  2. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    They have to, everyone else is releasing/has announced dual core tablets and phones, Samsung is possibly the biggest android manufacturer at the moment, I don't think they would be behind the curve, especially considering in the past they have arguably been in front of the curve.

    If they don't, it will be a MASSIVE surprise to me.
  3. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    You also have to consider verizon has already made changes for hardware to their version of the GT through Samsung to support LTE. It is all about what people are willing to pay to get updates done. Even with this presentation that doesn't mean a launch coming soon! It could simply say 4th quarter but so you know what is coming!
  4. Beards

    Beards Well-Known Member

    Trust me.... It's real. There most definitely will be a Galaxy Tab 2 coming at the show.
    Look to see it being branded as the Galaxy Tab P2000.
  5. Beaker491

    Beaker491 Well-Known Member

    Is it likely that the european SGT 2 will keep the phone function that SGT 1 has, via a bluetooth/wired headset?


  6. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    yes, more than likely they will have a 3g version, and a wifi version.
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