is the 478mb RAM on SL enough?General

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  1. matthewpark84

    matthewpark84 New Member

    hi i'm about to buy the SL, but still having 2nd thoughts against Desire S. The only thing that makes me choose the latter is that SL only has 478mb RAM. as compared to the former which has 700mb RAM i think.

    Would there be a problem in the future in having a 478mb RAM especially when running apps? and also if the 2.3 update came

  2. sgsl9003

    sgsl9003 New Member

    Its more than sufficient as the phone only uses 55% of memory while I am running 8-12 apps, what else would you like it to do?
  3. chinmay

    chinmay Member

    478 is sufficient..its a value for money phone
  4. Its not sufficient since the mobile is utilized 97% of the memory and become slow when connected to net and parallel running application.
  5. rajag33

    rajag33 New Member

    Galaxy sl i9003 does n't have 478 mb ram. Infact the total
    memory module of galaxy sl is 640mb which is greater than
    that of original sgs. Of which 478 mb is user available after the load
    that is taken by the OS. The actual user available ram in sgs
    is about only 340 mb.
  6. Always running below 300mb ram up till today.
    I think it should be sufficient for multitasking.
  7. Mint226

    Mint226 New Member

    So far so good for my new SL. It's a great phone, except the abiiiiit slow gps fixations(papago).
    As a medium user, my ram stay above 230mb up till today.

    think it should be fine.

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