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is the CyanogenMod 9 rom available for p6800?Support

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  1. carlo67

    carlo67 Well-Known Member

    is the CyanogenMod 9 rom available for p6800?

    I have the ICS 4.0.4 with CWM on my galaxy tab 7.7 p6800
    I would like to try the CyanogenMod 9 rom. I downloaded the CyanogenMod 9 rom. I would like to know how to install the CyanogenMod 9 rom?
    can I install it with Odin?

  2. Josvaz

    Josvaz New Member

    Yes wipe all! Flash
  3. yegon

    yegon Well-Known Member

    Was going to bung it on my 7.7 but it didn't support bluetooth last time I looked, a deal breaker for me.

    Pity, because cm9 is utterly awesome on the Note. Fast, clean, sleek, decent battery life.

    EDIT 1: Bluetooth is working now, I may try it then.

    EDIT 2: Now running CM9, it raaaawks!

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