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Is the earpiece voice of low quality?General

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  1. Biker Biker

    Biker Biker Active Member

    I am planning to buy A57 and have been reading its reviews on internet.

    I see a lot of people have complaints regarding the voice quality... can anyone plz give some feedback on this? I am using Microma A75. Is the voice quailty of A57 same as A75??

  2. aKp1

    aKp1 Well-Known Member

    It would be almost similar to that of A75!! And you may feel a bit awkward if you are new to micromax but since you are not you may not feel the same!! But if you are a nokia or samsung or htc user you will definitely feel a lot of difference!! But in all there is no such problem of the voice quality it is quite clear!!
  3. vithasansen

    vithasansen New Member

    Ya, the audio quality is poor comparing to my previous phone Qube X550. Ringtone and call audio quality is not audible enough in maximum level too. My phone had gone kaput last week and the service centre had said that the phone has Board problem and to be replaced. I am waiting for my phone after service. Otherwise, the phone is ok.

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