Is the HTC Magic's antenna easily replaceable?Tips

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  1. satycorn

    satycorn New Member

    Hi everybody!I used to be an all Apple product user but recently switched to androids because of their price and less-complex functions.
    The thing is that I purchased a HTC Magic on eBay, but didn't realize that there was a problem with it. The only problem is that "it has no receipt" (as described by the seller). I got it for $45 including shipping. I contacted the seller and he said there was no reciept/signal on the phone, everything else works perfectly. Can I fix this problem just by replacing the antenna only? I can buy a new antenna and have it replaced, but I want to make sure this is the right way to fix it, if this is the problem. Also, is the antenna of this phone easily accessible and replaceable?
    I'd appreciate any reply, so that I can know where I should buy an antenna as well or not.
    Thanks all.

  2. satycorn

    satycorn New Member

    Also I already have another HTC magic at home which isn't working because of a software I put in it which made ruined it, but the antenna works perfectly. Can I use this one's instead?

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