is the htc wildfire going to be on pay as you go

  1. sarah37

    sarah37 New Member

    just wondering if anyone knows whether the htc wildfire will be on pay as you go when it is released this summer in the uk i know it is going to be on contract with t mobile and vodafone but i really am looking for a pay as you go deal

  2. fodd3r

    fodd3r Active Member

    Hiya, I was looking as well and i found a sim free available at and Amazon UK. Not Payg as such but you can get a free sim with three for example thats the cheapest data plan i ever saw. :)
  3. Northstander

    Northstander Member

    Gonna pick a Wildfire up tomorrow on t-mobile. 600 mins, 500 texts, unlimited internet plus a booster.
  4. DJTaurus

    DJTaurus Active Member

    Is it fast and what about browsing in its 3.2'' display?
  5. prolix

    prolix New Member

    I just got mine on contract :D love it, no noticable lag apart from when its going from the widget friendstream into fullscreen.
  6. brilldoctor

    brilldoctor Member

  7. volvo940seturbo

    volvo940seturbo Well-Known Member

    Got mine from 3 on PAYG for
  8. Muslimahxo

    Muslimahxo Active Member

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